Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lully, Lullay, thou little tiny child

Drama Scene 1

King Herod: Kill all male children upto two years of old 

Courters: King!! 

King Herod(Roaring):It is better the innocent should die; than guilty should escape 

An Old man : Children of two years..Oh No.... my Majesty 

King Herod: I’m not ready to share my world with an infant; There is no room for two kings in Israel 

(Background Music) Children are crying; Mothers are weeping 

(Background Illustration) Cries from Rama; Rachel is lamenting about her children; Prophesy of Jeremiah is fulfilled. 

Choir is singing the Coventry Carol 

Lully, Lullay, thou little tiny child.
Bye, bye, lully, lullay.
Lullay thou little tiny child
Bye, bye, lully, lullay 

Herod the King, in his raging,
Charged he hath this day;
His men of might, in his own sight,
All young children to slay.

Dear JY, 

Param; My friend 

                  He is an Electrical designer, ascended from one Karwar Brahmin family. Since we joined together in the last company; It was easy to build the relationship with him. We became good friends by the extreme diversities of character than the similar behavioural patterns.  

                  Our common doings were making fun of others. Once we made a fun with our Engineering Manager. He is having one 85 model Car. We know he won’t change the car as well as doesn’t have the ‘shame’ on coming in such an old model. But we felt ‘shame’ by seeing this executive personality in the ‘Bullock cart’. So put a sticker on his vehicle on last April fool. “CAR FOR SALE” along with his contact number. On that day, Our ‘Poor’ Manager was tired of answering the enquires. 

                We used to have some good and quality fights on the current politics, religion or on economic issues. His stand was always with the ‘Saffron’ and would make sharp statements which will ripple for times. When I fought with him on Orissa issues. He told to me loudly, we will kill all Christians. Our land is land of my religion. People, He never hides his anger; Showed in front of anyone. I respected him since He was not caged by ‘IMAGE’

               Really he was a tough person for tough people. The Mettle of our Managers was competing, when they dealt with him. He always put logical lies to back up his statements and even in design too. Normally people didn’t have good answers to him. 

But for me He is Just like the Coconut from our fields; with a hard wrap but full of sweet inside.. 

            On one evening, by giving two pieces of biscuits, he told me “Today was my birthday”. I couldn’t believe that. However I wished him. I sent one mail to our company colleagues saying that “Today Mr. Param has crossed 35 years; please wish him”. He became angry by getting the birthday wishes. He was irritated by seeing the age. I still don’t know why peoples get annoyed by hearing their age..(My Grandmother didn’t increase her age even by one for the last 16 years. In 90’s I asked her age..She told me ‘73’.Last vacation also, I asked, Oh 73 aayi. Since ‘Telling lie’ is a hereditary disease; so I have been telling to my friends for last three years that I’m 23 only.) 

                After three months, he brought another sweets and distributed to all in the company. I asked him.. So your second birthday in this year, rite?.But he closed his small eyes and put a cute smile on his face. After an hour he called me near to his seat .He tilted the monitor and showed a fotograph of his family. You know, this girl who is sitting on the bed is my sister...Ok...But Boss, you have only two brothers. Rite. Yes, this girl is our adopted sister. We are bringing up her for the last 19 years. Today she is getting married. 


All she needs a secure future; Sponsor a Child—Ad on the net 


Ennu Snehapoorvam 


Drama: Scene 2 

King Herod (confessing): I spoiled my name in the pages of History...Hey people, But I am afraid of New Herod... 

(Herod is walking anxiously on the stage...)  

Audience : murmuring 

King Herod(after a bit silence): And is YOU...Abortion, Child abuse, Famine, .

Audient (Full of ‘water’ from the back seats): Azhiiiiiiichu videdaaaaaaaaa enneeeeee....Kure kaalam aayi...... 






Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I' O' ...Papa Vanne

Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children; now I have six children, and no theories.

John Wilmot

Dear JY,
Ayyo..! Ayyo….! Pappa Vanne (Brother is screaming)
It was summer, But all the days were set with rain (Mango showers). Our cricket matches had been abandoned for weeks. As a better alternative we started swimming (!) in a pond which is near to my Mother’s home. Village pond is a natural one with algae covered flat rock at the center and boundaries are built of uneven rocks. Sometimes small rat snakes are looking at us from their small caves. Water in the pond neither rise above the knees in the rainy June nor dry even in the hottest summer. On one rainy evening, we were playing in the pond. But all omens in the nature were bad, crows on the jackfruit trees were crying….Dogs from far were barking…. .Cousin who is having a better knowledge on Nature’s language told us... “Things are not fine, we would get some surprise news today”…A few minutes later Our Uncle called us loudly from the home and told us…’Your Papa has arrived’ ….We felt the news like a thunderstorm… My brother replied back.. “Whose Pappa..Our’s or Cousin’s”…. “Yours”…He looked up to the skies and ran down to the fields with a loud cry, Ayyo Pappa vanne ..

You know, In early child hood itself he showed some prophetic skills…He knows, Summer vacation is changing to summer schools..He knows, all coming evenings would be busy with calculating LCM & HCF. He knows, our body would be well ploughed by sticks at the end…He knows, we couldn’t go to sleep before 10’0 clock.

His helpless cry was an omen of the future happenings. Years passed over, nearly 15…But still I am remembering the brown picture of his fear filled face. Sometimes I mocked him with this story.

Story of a Hibiscus rosa-sinensis in our garden Only plant in our courtyard is Shoe flower plant. Sometimes we felt that only purpose of the plant as a tool of punishments… It has a short life varying from one to two years. It depends on our papa’s leave…What a bad fate… Mother tried to explain him about its medicinal properties .But nothing happened … However ‘Hibiscus rosa sinensis’ played an important role in developing the skills in mathematics.

Unfortunately there was no difference in My School too. Our History & Geography Sir, One King Marthandavarma, (Proudly telling, I gave the name) , He got the name by his ‘war’ skills… Pupils didn’t know where he was keeping the ‘Sword’ ,After asking some tough historical and geographical questions, he took the stick from somewhere…It was moving like a snake in the air…calling each one by name..Unfortunately he called me twice in a class period and gave the ‘sweets’..After getting ‘one’, I used to spend some time near to the cold school walls by pressing my back to transfer the ‘hot’(thermodynamic principle).But still I don’t know how my brother bear 10 continuous beats on the way to prove the Isosceles theorem. On those days we only know the last line of the theorem…ie, RHS=LHS, Hence proved…
Sunday School lessons
One of my first lesson from the Sunday schools was Ayyo,Kallam Parayalllee, Kannu potti pokum’…Later I stopped my catechism classes due to some ‘technical reasons’. How long we could see the same old lady in the Sunday school classrooms. I told to Amma, i cannot stay three years in the same class. They need to pass the yearly exams, class tests for the promotions…Frankly telling I didn’t get any values from my Sunday school days, only some religious concepts..That also I forgot.

Am I a better being after getting all this ‘good’ punishments & ‘good’ advises?

Ennu Snehapoorvam

Related Facts...
 I am doubting whether our next generation will get a quality mentor (Parent, teacher (School/Sunday schools)), a value based education, or even a developed family atmosphere.

 We are learning for 20 years (majority) for getting a position / job/ priesthood, or for earning money or for running an institution. But there is no good resource trainings ‘on mentoring a child’ (Parenting). If my belief is wrong, please consider as my ignorance.





Hope, My belief is…..If you want to be Hopeful, things which are happening at your home or at your neighborhood, or even around the globe should tells us that ‘Yes, your situation will change’.. Is it right? Or HOPE is something beyond the Situations…

Dear JY,

On one evening I traveled by a Taxi from my office to my apartment, which was driven by one ‘Pakistani’ .I was a little scared of his outward appearance with turban and a long beard…(News which are hearing even from my state is about the terrorism).. I took a long breath to get some courage (Ravi Shankerji’s tip) and sat as if the most courageous man…with folded hands… Meanwhile I read his name from the laminated Driver’s ID…. Muhammad zakir Ahmed zakir Muhammad Hussein...Fear was gradually developing in my mind …But I tried my level best not to show the emotion on my face….As usual we stuck in the Traffic for a good long time. To break the silence b/w us. I asked which is your name. He smiled at me…Oh, Njan Happy aayi… “Muhammed zakir is my name… Ahmed zakir is fathers...” I skewed my head ..Pinne, I’ll call you only as SABU…(I told to myself, Otherwise tell me How we can call this big name…..) On the way he gave some helpful information about this crowded city…I asked again, In Pakistan, where you are coming from…..I am from Afghan border…I don’t know from where it was come again …..What? ….. Fear. I moved my eyes to the left corner and looked at him….I asked him You from Vasiristhaan!…. Not exactly, but nearby village…..I was coward enough not to ask any further questions to him…But I was curious….Is it true that Al-Qaida is in Vasiristhan mountain regions….Yes, After a bit silence….He continued….One year and Nine months I was a Warrior….Khallas !! Driver, I would like to get down at nearby stop ,! However I removed my seatbelt….But he is continuing “I don’t know why they are fighting for….They were setting the CD shops into fire, Girls are not allowed to go for education….They are PAGALs…” But that journey leaves a lot of unanswered questions in my mind…Any Good reasons to believe in Human Beings…Someone is telling Terrorism is the outcome of the Policies of Developed nations…On the other hand they are defending their policies by security reasons….Who knows,

After getting down from the taxi, I went to a Malabari T’shop .I took one hot Tea and bought an evening newspaper from there….Night fell on the city and I walked towards my flat…On the way I saw an old handicapped woman with a walking stick was crossing the busy street…Her face was falling down of pain…I freshen up in the night by the beauty of the Moon…Before going to sleep, I opened the newspaper to know whether any relief measures for the Global financial crisis… But my eyes were locked on a sad demise of an young girl and her Father…I read down to the news...I came to know that She was suicide due to her Father’s illness (cancer)… Father’s health was collapsed suddenly by hearing this news and He was also died on the same day…They are from near to my home town. I fell down to deep sorrow …I looked at the pictures of Christ and St.Mary which are hanging on the fairly painted wall….My all thoughts came to one point. Father’s reason to survive and fight against the disease was his beloved daughter…But she never knows that fact…Of course sometimes we are the reasons for others survival…Sometimes We are the Hope for the desperate mind … Sometimes we are the Candles in others deep darkness…Time was travelling deep into the darkness…A song was airing through the FM.

When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary;
When troubles come and my heart burdened be;
Then, I am still and wait here in the silence,
Until you come and sit awhile with me.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up... To more than I can be.

On that Night, Before I went to sleep, I had recited Psalms 23 two times.

Ennu Snehapoorvam

But on the next day morning I woke up with the News…OBAMA WON; First Afro-American President…..

I gazed down to the street through the window ….I have seen the same Old Handicapped Woman, crossing the road with her Face Up

shepherds of Golan Heights

               Once I was the Santa clause of our Christmas Carol. They tried Santa's dress on a lot of people; but it was fit only for me. Unfortunate! They tied one brass pot on my belly. After wearing the costumes, I was not knowing "what to do".

                   When we were visiting the houses, I was giving some handshakes first and as the carol began, I started jumping here and there. After such a 'jumping' show, we were going to the next home; it was a little far and wanted to cross a paddy field. While crossing someone fell down to the field of mud. In that dark night, Nobody knew who was fallen in the field..

Later they heard a feeble cry.... Ayyooooooooo Njanaaneeeeeeeeee Santa clause!

Dear JY,

Shepherds of Golan Heights

There was a lantern drooped in front of their shelters. It was the only decoration for their homes. But Shelters were old and top was roofed with dry palm leaves. Since they were residing for a short time at a place, wall of the huts was built of wispy logs of wood. . Behind their shelters, there was a beautiful and vast area of green pastures. There, they provided haven to their herds with bamboo sticks. It was nothing but a fence. Beside there was a small stream which was flowing towards east of the Golan and afterwards merged with an unknown river. They had been staying at the valley for last six months by the presence of this stream. Their children had given a name to the stream,'Rohi1'Stream..That year either wooden planks or thick dry leaves were not enough to protect them from nature's joke. Snow and the cold winds were awful than the last years. So they used to come together in front of fire in the nights, which was set near to the sheep's manger. There, shepherds shared their deep hurts with the Esther, the eldest shepherd woman.

"When the children cried of hunger, she called them near to her and told "One day, this will change"...

When the youths showed anger about the society for considering them as outcasts, she comforted them, "One day, this will change"...

When the young women sorrowed with the hardships, she used to tell, "One day, this will change"

Esther looked up to the blue skies and lamented herself, "When will you allow me to serve the infant prince and sing a lullaby?"

They comforted her "Hey, Mother Esther, One day, this will happen" 

On one flesh piercing winter night, Children gathered in front of the fire with Mother Esther. But the Shepherds were not reached to their hut with the herds yet. But the cries of sheep could hear near to them. After a while Young women came near to the fire with the dried bread and hot milk. Esther who wore a thick black cloth of fur shared her belief for the first time with the hamlet. She in her low shivering voice "Many Holy books prophesied about a King who will born for the salvation of the Earth. He will redeem us from evil. He will change us from outcasts to acceptable". Children asked "Mother, When....." She put a long silence....and told "We will be the first caste who will know about His birth and it is through an Angel.On that day, our shepherds will see wise men from the east; they will be looking at the skies for the direction... Shepherds who came back from the hills joined with them, their women shared the dried bread and milk with them. While eating they told her "Mamma, while coming back, we have seen Three men from the east .They were walking behind one travelling star"...Young women amazed and uttered her.. "This is that night!!"...She pushed her rod to the ground and stood...They heard a light and beautiful melody from the skies... "Gloryto God in the highest ...".One small child pointing towards the sky and told "Mamma, silver wings..." All else happened is History. Read Luke, 2:8-14  

Ennu Snehapoorvam


Lord, How far 'Bethlehem' from me?

(Is it a 'thought far', an 'act far', a 'moment far' or a 'word far').

Can they find out the KING, If they following 'ME' instead of 'STAR'

 Rohi1 means Shepherd.






Appachante Kattil

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain
I am the gentle autumn rain.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Dear JY

 Nervous, gluttony or Grief

(You might hear the story of an altar boy who blessed the priest during the Holy Mass. Name of the altar boy is not important, Let us call him, Denish,J)

   Since we were living near to a church, Most of our weekends were passed by helping the priest as a ‘half’ Altar Boys. It was really a tough task to help the priest in a Syrian Church. We didn’t know, when to close or open the ‘Madhbaha’ .Or Even we were reciting only half of the church liturgies during masses; next half was filled up by priest himself.

   On other Saturdays, Sisters from Daughters of Mary Convent were coming to visit houses .we were going with them to show the houses of church members. But some of our jealous friends had a doubt that we are going to drink Tea…I know you people don’t believe these ‘lies’.

   Some Saturdays ends with Funeral processions to church. On all funeral processions to church, we were the candle holders usually .On such a grief-stricken moments, we were walking in the front along with the Holy cross. Our faces would fall down either by the cries of near ones, or by the rhythmic music of church bells..But for One funeral procession I didn’t hold the candle....

Appachante kattil..

I felt wonder in my mind, when I thought of him. A Good Farmer and a hard worker. I never saw him taking rest in his lifetime,. He created an aura of holiness by his fatherhood. He was showing such a great enthusiasm in his life. That may be one of the good reasons to motivate to bring up his children. He kept high morals in life so that no one in that village had a bad word about him. He shared a good number of folk stories with us. I put a lot of jokes with him. ‘Like Mathaicha,Motta thalayaa’. He encouraged my all childish jokes .Most of the time I rested on his hip and slept with him in the night.

 In the early 90’s he became bed-ridden; It was a tough time for our family. Unfortunately he never recovered back to life. I still remember how hopefully he was facing the death. During those days, When one of our relatives asked him, “Appacha Do you have any advice to me”. He sang one old Christian song as a reply…“Aadhiyinkal kaipakilo Andhyamo Madhuramathre “.(Even though Beginning is Sour, But Ending is Sweet).At the age of 73 he departed peacefully to the heavenly abode. We know he is lying in the bosom of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But it was a great loss to our family. His unseen presence is still there and compelling our family to do great things. That may be the reason, When our kids are jumping (playing) on his bed, Grandmother used to advise them, Don’t play on the cot, ithu Appachante kattila. As Eric Clapton sings, I too whisper in the last October and I believe the northern wind carried it away….

Would you know my name
If I saw you in heaven?
Would it be the same
if I saw you in heaven?

Tears in Heaven

   It was my first experience of losing a beloved person. It taught me two things. Firstly ‘Presence’ of a human being is a talent. I just mean ‘How important a person in our lives is revealed or felt at the time when we lose them’ .Secondly Death is a Door; A Door to eternity. And its awareness keeps me good at the bad times. (Yesterday I was rough with them; Awareness of Death pulls me to less rough).

Ennu snehapoorvam



Do not stand at my grave and cry
I am not there, I did not die.

(Mary Frye)


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Deshadanakilikal karayaarilla

Two years back, I flied across the seas, against the horizons with the heart full of dreams and seeds of fire. I had woven my nests on the palm trees, and used to sing praises to Him in the dawn and the dusk, about his providences in an unknown country. But a Few days back I flied again across the sea to touch the new skies. Since migrant birds are called to be!! To find better food.But Now I know I miss something!!

(A Migrant Bird)

Dear JY,

On my farewell day I put a thanks saying mail; but a long, to my old company’s LAN. I know it was not enough to pour my gratitudes to the old city and to the colleagues. So I pasted on my blog; Let the world hear about them

The City: of Suppressed minds; But I have found a way to express

It is an old Industrial city in the Gulf region, where the 20% of the total petroleum resources are drilling out. I have lived in that city for nearly two years under suffocating and tough religious rules. You can see 100’s of mosques with in 10 SQKms of city. I was worried of the people, who are not having the right to express their feelings. Sometimes I lamented, We were born as free, but a lot of Chains everywhere(Voltaire ).Yes you are rite, When you are saying the laws are needed to run a society. But how you could back a law and a system which is interfering your personal things like spirituality and your dress codes. Heaven is not a door which is opened by hypocrisies and forceful virtues, but by GRACE

However It was amazing; the ways which He leaded through...

The City: reveals the unexplored skill

All the jobs made Jack a dull boy. It was Times need to find some better alternatives to keep our mind fresh. So we started to play cricket under the shades of big buildings; To inject interests in their mind, I started one column in our LAN under the name ‘Chappel’s Column’. It covered the reviews, analysis and forecasting about our local cricket matches. I never thought of getting a warm welcome for such a venture. But it hits our LAN on every Thursdays. I got a wide readers and replies. My colleagues forgave my errs and appreciate even sometimes it was not worth to read. On one dinner chat ,Karthik(Tamilian, Our Structural Designer) told me

Where was your schooling. After my reply ,He continued Subin, you should write seriously, you have a flow of thoughts... I rejected it with a smile.But how can I hate a city which taught me how to pen down the thoughts, How can I neglect A city which gives me new threads on every morning to share. How can I Curse a city which gives the Solitude, that evokes my memories..Hey City of Mosques , I love you so passionately who gives me a few ; but good well wishers.

The City; Reveals the compassionate caring of MY Lord

My City forbiddens the freedom to practise our own religion. But I never felt bad on that matter. When i left to there, I kept my Bible in home coz of some bad rumours . But it was a half truths only. But When I reached there, I badly needed one Holy text. Fortunately there was a Tamil Christian as our Mechanical section head in my company. I secretly enquired about Prayers & Holy Mass. I got one Bible from him. He told me there are 100’s of Prayer groups here. But he was not aware about my denomination. But he gave me one contact number of a keralite. It was a way to the streams of grace. On that Sunday evening, I went for the first prayer group (STOC) in that city. Yohanan achayan came to pick me from our villa. It was the first time; to be with the middle aged prayer groups .I never saw such a beautiful group, since they never give me any complexes of attitudes. But I had not given regular presence to the group. Still they loved me so much. On the farewell group, I told to them “STOC(prayer group) is an extended form of my family Night prayer; that much cute. And asked them to wish me to get such a nice person like Yohanan achayan in the new city.(He used to wait outside of our villa on Friday mornings and Sunday nights in his Chevrolet;)” .It is a fact that one must realise the value of a person when we miss him. Hey People, God is pretty good on me on those days through People and prayer groups. JY used to call me; But I was not a regular attendee...

( STOC : St. Thomas Orthodox Congregation

JY: Jesus youth)

The City; Which gave me genuine people & food

Birds are migrating of only one reason; to find food. When I left from my home; I never thought of how my Lord would care me. I am knowing now; It is through the people. How many men extended their hands to help, serve and guide me. From my Manager to my Alibai (Villa cook).It is amazing for me now. How could us to pay back the debts of a person who told the right way to the shopping malls or to a bus station. How can i weigh the time of a person who spend a half day with me, and If it is on a very lonely day. How can I express my joy for a person who sang a melody for me on that sorrowful night. How can I forsake my firm which feeds my belly regularlyJ.How can I forget a friend who asked me to stand near to him for a Snap.

Last Day in the City

How shall I go in peace and without sorrow? Nay,not without a wound in the spirit shall I leave this City.....

All my friends gathered to sea off. I felt sorrow in spirit. I took the dinner with them. They presented some useful gifts. I said thanks for their good affection and generosities. He (Administrator) came with my passport and exit papers. They took my luggage and kept in the vehicle. My eyes weighed down with tears. I didn’t look at their eyes. I hold each hand and said bye. They wished me good luck. My heart broke down when I heard that words from Ali (cook)...

Yenthengilum aparaathangal vannittudengil Porukanam ketto, Saare; (But you showed me only compassions , then why these confessions)

Tears were rolling down; Aaru paranju; Deshaadana kili karayaarilla yennu!!

Ennu Snehapoorvam


A Stranger in a new City

My new street is a little bit busy in the mornings. Really tough to get a Taxi or a bus from the Bus stop to my Office. Peoples are running behind the vehicles like school kids. I am one among them J. However,

Now I am exploring the new treasure which the farmer is hided under the field...I am waiting for a man who is having Chevrolet... .I am expecting same nice peoples like cook Ali...and God’s Great Providence , Ever anointing Presence and Unconditional Love.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Work is Worship

But i say to you when you work , you fulfil a part of earth’s furthest dream assigned to you when that dream was born..!
Work is Love made visible..... ......... ....

Gibran Poem

Dear JY,

On that interview day ,i weared one offwhite shirt and a cream pants...I looked one more time on the wall mirror..."Ah kuzhappamilla. ."I told loudly,I reached the Alind Campus at around 9:30am.At the gate, a Veerappan security was standing..He asked me.."Engotta, " With all my humbleness(I mean i bowed my head towards him) i told "I have one interview here"...He called to Personnel department.. He allowed me to the Office..I walked with a feeling Poda Verappaa,I have seen, how many like you, No I didn’t tell it loudly( Alla Vivekam venamallo)

I showed my certificate and my C.V,to the interviewer (Mone ,Njangallu ithu pole ethra kandirikkunnu) They didn’t tell to me(Mosham alle),I answered three querys with out any doubt...Oh Your name is Subin?...... MACEil analle padichathu.. ....?On which field you are interested.. .?

(Pinne Thudangiyille Thrishuur pooram..Breakerinte Creepage ariyumo, You know, what is Trip free mechanism, Alla Breaking capacity,Potte Making capacity, Athum allengil BIL...Sheri BSL, Hmm Autorecloser, sectionaliser, Mr enthenngillum opinion parayuuu...Mechanis ms of breakers!... .On load tapchangers. ..PAVANAYI SHAVAM AAYI....hehehe. chumma chirichu...Rekshayi lla...Complete silence...They tried all efforts to take me....Please tell me what is system earthing...Small Murmuring... told that you have experience in substations. .Then tell me what is the fault level of a 220kV substation.. ..(face was showing the sign of pleading)Sir, it is 65kA....Urappaano, Athe, ..Oho then ,%Impedance. ...Sir, Per unit value in %...They took a long breath of comfort...They routed me to mathematics. . Product rule, sum rule(Sir ithokke padikkaan aanu njan ivide interview inu vannathu,Ningalkku ariyathathu ennodu chothichittu valla karyavum undo)

However i got the offerletter as a design &development Engineer in the firm,On the first day i went to the manufacturing unit of MV breakers..I was afraid of the tripping sound of breakers.... DUM..Pedichu poyi....Somebody told Routine test nadakku aanu...Enikku onnum mansilaayilla, Routine test oh..But i acted..Enikku mansillaayi. ..ketto,

I stepped in the development section..(with shivering,Ottum pedichittalla. But 100’s of wires on the testing kit..Tell me the thought of getting shock is Fear!)It was just look like some Lion cage(Actually it was like that, Later i understood those who were sitting inside are big..)I stood by the side of my development manager(Mr.Radhakri shnan).He was checking the damping frequency of the breaker...If you saw my standing gesture. You would ask me... "Alla Mala marikkan Nilkunaano". ...You know people,I want to show my knowledge there....My thought was "how can i reduce the tripping time and closing time of the breaker..Whether the damping is sufficient for the mechanism?". In the middle of the thought, Manager told , Subin "That 16-18 spanner eduthu ah Nut and Bolt Murukikke,"Njan sthabthanaayi (Elephant karyathilaano sir,Oru Chena Kaaryam)..On that day i cursed the time when i joined in the GYM..Njan Shirtinte Kai madakki...I asked in some parithapakaram sound "Sir, Where is the Spanner?"..I started to rotate the spanner...with lack of interest...( At that time Manager was cutting a 4 sqmm cable).Enikku ashwaasamaayi. The very first lesson i studied in my professional career....Ready to do anything, with humbleness,later i set my mind to do fabrication, mechanical assembling,Electric al Assembling, lathe works, even ferulling of the cable ....Never forget the way we worked there....Later Manager taught me the A-Z Concept of the Magnetic Actuator development. ...Very good to work with him on that sleep less nights...

My second lesson...
How ever i find my space in the development team....As usual with all my tharikidas i became a familiar face in the unit from Fabrication to Testing....even to despatch...It was very cool to hear all good stories of experiance peoples technical efforts..They shared with us by great Joy...Even small misbehavior of us would notice by them and asked to change...I learned the ethics of work from the Old ITI people who were sat down with spanner and screw driver....They taught me the alstom designed BLR and BMR mechanisms of Breakers...Degrees never be a hurdle for us to value their knowledge....Subin, Respect,all even the Tea boy

When i left from my home for the first time to the Job ..My Mother told me...Work hard and thus makes the company a little bit better than what it is today...!

On those days i got a craze to learn French(Vere onnum kandilla,padikkaan) .I had one good reason for that...My company had a technical collobaration with Delle Alstom(Now Areva)..It was a french company...My Technical knowledge oh kammi...French engillum padichu .....Frenchil naalu dialogueum (la belle ....sane mercy..)..paranju ,however i want to join...So There was a potti polinja oru Library....caught by an idea of library punarudharanam. ..( enikku french padikkanam Mr.)we put forth infront of the management.. .Managment cleared the fund for that....One week time ....we gave our best efforts .....At the end a good Treat from the company’s pocket....Small efforts leaves great Heartprints. ....

My Reminder.... ..
But Subin kindly remember,... And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy......

Ennu Snehapoorvam

"Lord, My God, Today was a bad day for everysense.. I had nothing to do in that project..I don’t know how long it will continue...I don’t know lord where i am heading towards..... still i’m facing the lack of Technical knowledge bits...Still i’m facing the absence of a good guide in my field....
Moreover, This is cruel to smile in this adversities! Valare low salary,salary creditinu 4 months delay, great responsibilities and commitments, My theatre Dreams,...(Again i looked at the card..I read the words....."My responsibilities are my ambitions... ..").Lord this words are keeping me alive.I’m going to sleep...with the hope of a better Tommorow.... "
Extract from my Diary
Dated 14/05/2005

People, Now Same words are hanging on my room the shadow of the words, i am writing this letter to you.....

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Travelogue-To man and to nature-I

The Journey of thousand miles
Must begin with a single step

Lao Tzu
Chinese philosopher

Dear JY,

On one evening after coming from the church, Jimesh was telling a thought on the Service to Community… “Da, we are not supposed to sit like this…I have some social dreams in these days….Shall we do something to the poor communities…” I didn’t heard clearly, what he was talking about due to the noise in the Town.. ‘Da, paranjathu Kettilla’.. “Alla, Something like community awareness, or like colony cleaning…”.Yes ,It is a good idea…

One year after these light conversation, we started to extend our hand to the needy community. Sr.Francia’s presence was a real blessing on those days…She opened the door of community services to us. She arranged one colony visits and asked to think ‘what you can do for the community…’As I mentioned in one of my previous mail, Women empowerment by earning themselves… A seminar conducted by JY with the help of Fr.Vadakkemury( Infarm Director)…The Response motivated us to do to adopt one village…

Heads were scratched to get a village for the mission…On one noon time when we came together in canteen for Hot tea and a parippu vada; Sudhan chettan was asking ‘Ningalkku Oru Adhivasi villageinu yenthengilum cheyyan kazhiyumo!!’…Amazed Vaidyan kalpichathum Milk…Patient echichathum Milk….

Kattu vazhikalum, kattu thenum, Kattu aruvikalum, Kattu Anayum, Mulla valliyum Thenvarikkayum …….The Genesis of a Wonderful Exodus…..

(Brave) Sebin, (Gentleman) Sreekanth, (Jabbar) Sunil, (Coach) Manoj, (Guitarist) Ajjo, (Ahamkaari) Subin, (Buthijeevi) Emi, (Smart) Jobin, (coordinator) Jimesh, (Handsome)Pratish, (Soda glass) Anoop Francis....

After the Sunday mass, we were sitting on the small wall at the side of the road near to the Holy Cathedral. Waiting for the Bus to Vatattupara (Sudhan chettan’s House)… Really I didn’t have any outline or picture of the Journey… However, didn’t have any sort of confusion, (may be b’cos of Sudhan chettan’s Presence…).Everyone had the feel of ecstasy; Driver pressed the Air front of us…We got into the Bus and searched for a seat…Somehow managed at the Backseats…In the middle of the Journey, Sebin put some hot political stories ….(Didn’t give peace in the vehicle too..)..I hold the tail of the topic…Some one among us showed us to keep silent…We were feeling the entire gutter on the road as we seated at the back... Ting (Head hit on the iron bar)….Manoj and Ajjo were looking outside through the side window enjoying the Journey…. “ee political Kathi onnu Nirthaamo…” Emi veendum….
Yedakku, Conductor had come and asked to take the ticket…Pratish took the tickets….
Ting, Bus stopped at a junction,…No one knows the route.. All looked outside.. “Keerampara,keerampa ra…” ‘Bird’ called loudly…After One hour Journey, we reached Vatattupara…Sudhan chettan was waiting for us… Village is near to the forest region…There were some Small T’shops and stationery at the Junction …His house is one house far from the Junction only…We entered the small; but beautiful home…Got one hot Tea, It was strong enough for us to relieve our tiredness…Later we walked through his ‘Thodi’ to see his efforts…Shades of big trees leaves a thick darkness in the premises…felt as if a small forest…He shared in detail about his vegetation…

Time was around 09:30am… Now we were in a mood of the Journey… Decided to walk instead of taking a Jeep… We bought two or three Bread packets…all put their ‘Thorthu’ on their neck ,some wore on the head.. Emi was carrying the Data sheets which we prepared to collect the details of the Adivaasi’s…

Njangal Sanchaaram veendum Thudangi…Chettan was telling, Forest was near to 15 Kms from Vadattupara…Upto Idamalayar Dam, the Road was neatly maintained… With a small Prayer, we resumed our Journey…Way towards Idamalayar is through the middle of the forest…Both sides were populated with Trees(Rain forest).Silence of the forest was interrupted by the noise of us…. Wind was making music by pressing its finger on the leaves…Since it was summer…land was dry and hot…Someone passed a bottle of water to quench the thirst…. “Last week evide Aana(Elephant) Erangiyirunnu. .! Sudhan chettan’s bhayapeduthunna Warning….We tried to get the smell of ‘Aana chooru’(technical term)…Manoj and sreekanth were ahead of us and walking fast like an Ostrich….tough to catch them with our tortoise legs….Suddenly Sebin told to us… “Dey,Look one Horse is there behind the Tree”..With some curiosity we gazed the side which he pointed…. “Onnu Podo, Athu Cow anado.!!.Hahaha…” “Whenever he opens the Mouth, mandatharangale Parayuuu!...” All of a sudden he changed the plate like a politician…Athu pinne, Njan Ningalle pattichathaanu! ...Athe Athe…Though the Journey was tough ,we didn’t feel much b’cos of these Jokes…As It was the first experience for us through the forest, so we were thrilled throughout the journey…(I am apologizing to all Idukkians). Rhythm of the nature and us were synchronized and resonated …Saw some houses and huts on the hilly place of the region…faces were faded by the angry Sun…I got tired and stood near to one tree….some one looked back and asked to move…I put my hands on the hip ….Hey, Idamalayer is only One km from here..On the way we saw the board “Welcome to Malayattoor Forest Range…”..Eda nadannu nadannu Malayattor yethiyo…That too gave us a chance to smile….we were walking by the middle of the road and gave way to the woods carrying Lorry, when he put the air horn ….

Reached Idamalayar at 11:00pm..There was a Forest range office…A Tribal School…(had seen children playing at the ground;) School having the facility of Hostel…
And a Canteen….All rushed inside and ordered as each one wished…all took ‘Palayankodan pazham’ after had their second breakfast…While eating, we came to know that ‘Kaani’ of the Adivaasi kudi had come to Idamalayar.. We imagined ‘Kaani’ with crown of Hen’s feather and dressed in their tribal ‘kadum vettu’costumes… Eager to see him….Sudhan chettan came with the person…who looks like a ordinary keralite…Got disappointed( !)..Had an ear ring was the only difference.. ...we don’t have more time to spend here…As you know…It is dangerous to come back when the sun sets….Aana (Elephant) erangiyekkum… . Sudhan’s Alarm… ‘Moopan’ supported his comment by moving his head like a pendulum…

All tied their towels on the head….resumed our Journey to the Community; As Shadows were lessening; took long steps…. ‘Adhivaasi Moopan’ walked in the front….who knows the language of forest…

(The Journey continues…..)

Ennu Snehapoorvam

By day the Lord went ahead of them in a pillar of cloud to guide them on their way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, so that they could travel by day or night. Neither the pillar of cloud by day nor the pillar of fire by night left its place infront of the people.

Exodus 13:21, 22

Travelogue-To Man and to nature II

"One drop of water helps to swell the ocean; a spark of fire helps to give light to the world. None are too small, too feeble, too poor to be of service. Think of this and act.”
—Hannah More (1745-1833), writer

Dear JY,

All tied their towels on the head….resumed our Journey to the Community; As Shadows were lessening; took long steps…. ‘Adhivaasi Moopan’ walked in the front….who knows the language of forest…

(Journey continues…)Extract from Travelogue to Man and nature…

The Sun was spitting heat on us without any mercy…I poured a bottle of water over my head to lessen the hot…I leaned forward so that water couldn’t fall on my shirt…The thought of reaching the forest village by noon time compelled us to put long steps….In the Far we could see the Idamalayar dam just as a small wall, through the thickly populated trees…In the left side of the Road, there is a Tribal School…pupils were running around the compound…some among them were looking on us with freshness…and strangeness…The Road is extending towards the Dam… As we were moving forward… tan(y/x) was increasing, Then the road was taking a hair pain curve…we didn’t go on that way as it consumes more time. There was a short cut way (like a staircase) which we felt as a blessing… There were a hundreds of steps for the way; so steep, which made us tired at the middle way itself… Reached at the same road towards the Dam…

We took some long breath of air there and found some space to rest… Rubbed the sweat with the Towels…‘Hey, ingane irunnal karyangal nadakkilla.. onnu usharayikke’, Sudhante upadesham…Hmm Again moved by the side of the road by seeing the beauty of the Banyan Trees…One side was hill covered with Thick forest ….Valley at other side…On one curve, a small fresh stream was flowing down to the Road; It was transparent like a Baby’s Tear…Trees alleviated the joules of the heat…cool breeze were fondling us …. “If we were taking the main road for the Journey…It would take more time..”. Kaani told in Malayalam…So he lead us to a route which is through the forest…from the road we could see a 2 feet wide way to the jungle…Rocks were placed like steps…like an amateur mountaineer we held the rock and moved up…people reached first to the forest way, pulled up others…Felt the splendid nature for the first time…herbs, shrubs, plants were moving like a kindergarten children…Birds were singing on their own pitches…Nature was setting a brilliant orchestra like a Mozart’s Symphony… ‘Adhivaasi Moopan’ cleared the way with his stick…As the time passes the way became more and more wide…we had seen people who were coming against us…going to Kothamangalam market with their fresh vegetables…

Small chats and jokes kept away the tiredness of the journey…All were contributing their own jokes….Manoj and Sreekanth were walking in the front ….Others were walking asif going to the church…dead slow…ithinidayil, Sebin was pushing himself up… ‘Enikku Bhayangara Dhairyam Aanu…I can walk alone in this forest, No problem’….Njangalu Avane onnu Aakki chirichu…Athe Athe…The way was covered with the dried leaves…so when we were putting our leg in the ground…leaves a sound like ‘pappadam pollickal’…After a while Ajjo scremed out… ‘Snake, Snake’….Atheeva courageous aaya ente friend Sebin…jumped on my shoulder and Ayyo evideya ! (vepralathode)… ..Njan Pattiche…Ajjo Chirichu…

On the way…. Two things worried us….One was ,After a long walk still we were not reaching the Community…Other was the peoples(Mr. Manoj & Mr. Sreekanth) who were walking in the front of us were missing…

When we were taking a curve….With a loud roar, two ‘animals’ jumped infront of us…Again the ‘courageous’ Sebin stumbled there and he couldn’t even move his legs back…
These two ‘animals’ were none other than Sreekanth and Manoj…All others smiled at them as their (watered) cracker ‘cheetipoyi…’ So they made another big roar!...Podei podei…But (Paavam) Sebin, Avan veedum Njetti…But it was clear that everyone had a little fear in the mind ,since it was the first experience through the dark forest …(Pedikkathirikkan Veerappan Allalo)..

On the way Moopan was telling the story, about forest, about life styles, government policies, cultivation, incomes, of Aadivaasi’s.. .We had given him a keen attention. And interfered with some queries…He was telling there were two Aadivaasi Communities… One is ‘Idukki Kudi’ and other one is ‘Ernakulam kudi’…(There was some other name for the place. I forgot)...All the time some public service people would come and take the details of us and after that there were no news… ( Moopan Njangale onnu iruthiyathu aayirunno ). Now Government posted our people as securities of the Forest , A small relief…At last, we saw the ‘water’, .A house in the middle of a cultivated area…Moopan Told.. ‘That is my House’…we stood on the muddy road in front of his home…

First House…

We went to his Home, neatly constructed with earth bricks, a small courtyard in the front…Two goats were tied on a coconut tree….A good bunch of green coconuts on the top….Some of us were standing, others were sitting on their legs…asked about his family….two sons and a wife…He gave us some water to drink....At the end we asked what you were expecting from us….Main problem here was the scarcity of pure water…The Panchayathu constructed one Big pond to solve the problem…But you know water was not good to drink...He showed us the piping system and water tank…

We moved to the next home…Again we sat down near to one Manger (Goat shed)..There we took our lunch…Four pieces of bread and a little fish gravy from that house…I had never taken before such a delicious ‘Meen curry’. After had our lunch and expressed thanks to the family, moved to the next door…There we saw the Men’s greatest effort to survive…An young man alone was digging a Well for his family…Working hard on the rocks to find the drops of water…His wife showed the water pipe in front of the home and the color of the water too…Yellowish. She showed the Pond to us and pointed her fingers towards the hill where the water tank is…There, we took a decision to clean the Pond and Water tank…Man’s One of the basic needs shall be answered…They have the right to drink pure water…

We visited some more homes on that day…got a little awareness of their religion, habits, relations….We didn’t know the time was up for a ‘Kattu irakkam’….Time was around 4:00 pm…had seen the ‘Kaani’ b4 the departure…Told…Will Come Again..

Ennu Snehapoorvam

On the way back, we got an young Adhivaasi…We ‘stabbed’ him with our small ‘knife’ …He was telling…Once a Mason came to the ‘Kudi’ to construct one home…While coming through the forest…He was telling… “I’m not afraid of the wild Elephants…Elephants were grass to me…They cannot put even a little sand on my body…Ente Adutha Aanakalude okke kali”…On the same day, evening…Elephant caught him on the way…Aadivaasi told…. ‘You know, He ran with out any clothes through the Forest …..’ Aana yude adutha avante oru kali’….Animals gets the smell of your attitude…So take care!

Chetta, Sebine ingane ittu pedippikkathe. .Akaala charamam prapikkum

We said bye to him at the Idamalayar junction…..Hey, Come, on next April; it is a season of Wild Fruits and Honey……

(Your a dark forest. But the trees are of a particular species, they are genealogical trees.)

Travelogue-To man and nature-III

To give pleasure to a single heart by a single kind act is better than a thousand head-bowings in prayer.”

Dear JY,
We said bye to him at the Idamalayar junction…..Hey, Come, on next April; it is a season of Wild Fruits and Honey……
Courtesy: Travelogue-To Man & To nature-part 2
Birds were flying back to their nests....Trees holding and closing their leaves to sleep...We could see the setting sun through the Trees....Still the Tribal pupils were playing around the school ground...We got a KSRTC Bus from the Idamalayar Junction.... As bus was running...Outreache rs slipped to deep sleep ...some fell down to others shoulders... some sat back and slept...bright faces were faded.... Faces were telling the story of tiredness and efforts...I became too dark(Alla, thaanghal iniyum engottu Dark aakanannu..) As the Bus was reaching to the Town.....Our first journey was reaching to its last stop...Everyone hugged each other and went their own ways....
Two seeds were sowed in our mind...1) To clean the Water tank and pond 2) Set up a Medical Camp to get the awareness of their General health... In the next core, we got the permission to go forth with the ideas...Complete JY were ready to render their service...
Core told to Civil ians of our group to take responsibility on the Water treatment... If my thought is right...First time,,, A program which gives an opportunity to use the engineering thoughts on the Service of society in our college...As a final year civil student, Reenu chechi gave guidance to our Deacon, Blesson, Tintu...So we decided to go for the second time to take the water of the pond...and want to test in our Civil labs (Environmental Lab)(?)
Second Journey to the Forest with our Civil Engineers
I was not remembering well about that Journey....Emi, Jobin, Jimesh, Pratish, Tintu, blessan, Manoj, AF, Ajjo, Ashwin, Soumya, (people please mail me those who came for our last Tribal outreach, So that i can put all your names in my mail)....On one Saturday with ,one and a half litre Pepsi bottles ,we again went for the mission...We had an another zeal to know more about the people...We went by bus upto ‘Vadattupara’... From there we went by Jeep which was arranged by Sudhan chettan.....
We reached the forest village,Thalukandam (Thanks Emi) by before noon...We walked again through the village ways..which gave us a serene feeling of nature....We had the Survey sheets with us...To save the time,we divided in to small groups...Visited each Adhivaasi families...We enquired each and everything of the family...Regarding Family members. Earning members, School going Children, Health Status, Agriculture, Conveyance to Kothamangalam, Power supply....One would fill the Survey sheets.....We heard a lot of worries and pains from each one...All got ‘Karikkian vellom’ from one small home...(When we requested some water, one old man climbed on one coconut tree and plucked down one full bunch....)
We visited around 30 families on that day.....Collected water in the bottles for testing to know the treatment agent for the water...Placed the bottle, safe inside the vehicle..Again the driver changed the gear to first...tyre turned one round....Boys hanging outside the jeep...Girls were singing JY songs inside...A little risky trip through the jungle...But a nice trip....Hey Chetta, Dam inte Aduthu onnu nirthane....Driver Stopped near to the Idamalayar Dam ...stood by the side of the road ..enjoying the view of the Dam water catchment area...someone pointed to down ....and saying that was Power house...We threw some stones to the dried river area, which looks like a forest...Made big sounds and waited to hear the Echo...Hello. .......Hello ......Hello ...Hello (Echo...)..We walked down to see the deep but still, dam ...went near,...felt the complete silence over the water...There were some bamboo logs floated over the water.... ‘Bamboo’ Lorries were parked near to the River. We walked...ran and Jumped over the bamboos and went up to the other end of the dam....Meanwhile an unforgettable incident happened.... Ashwin(2005 electrical), She put her legs on two separate Bamboo bunches while walking...Both moved in opposite directions.. .she screamed by fear..but people in the water swam near to the bamboos and helped her to be safe....We couldn’t hold and tie the time..Time is moving...Driver chettan was waiting for us at the top, to drop at Vadattupara. ..
With a cool sense of togetherness we had left the place with the Joy of God... As the jeep moved over the Forest rocks, Water in the bottle (which we brought for testing), was danced, drops of water were falling on their legs... I hold firmly my legs on the steps and hands on the carrier..... They were singing ‘Lift high the banners of love’ and its beauty was soluted well on the way....
Ennu Snehapoorvam

They tested the water in their lab....Their inference was...
Water contained some algae...not much problems...Treat the water with some chemicals... Potassium chloride(?) as a cleaning agent....
Ariyavunna chemistry koodi marannu!!... Oh Sheri,

Travelogue-Ducati Drivers

Listen to the Musn't's child, Listen to the Don't's. Listen to the Shouldn't's, the Impossibles, the Won't's. Listen to the Never Haves, then Listen close to me. ANYthing can happen, child, ANYthing can Be.”
—Shel Silverstein (1930-1999), poet, songwriter, musician

Dear JY,
So, We started working on setting up of a Medical Camp in the Tribal Village along with ‘Gandhi Jayanthi..’(I Mean, Shujithwa dhinacharanam) .... As it was a new venture from JY community, all showed their genuine interest to contribute their own effort...Next day onwards, all our BBC, CNN Channels... Broadcasted the news to each and every corner of the MACE...As I had written in one of my previous mail, General Medicines worth of Rs15, 000 were collected... It was a Miraculous providence by the God Almighty...Sisters of Dharamagiri were full hearted to support our Small service. Dr. Anson, of Dharmagiri got surprised on getting such a quantity of Medicines within One week...His Interest to serve the tribes was glittered on his face...He was ready to spare one Sunday for us.....
But on those days, Mr. Time was behaving as if like a miser to us...Final years having Projects...All batches were busy with their own world...So no one is available to convey the News to the Tribal people, that we were coming for a community service and A Medical camp...Who will bell the Cat!!
On those days, three ‘Unemployed youth’ were there in our is Mr. Ajjo, Next one is Mr. Manoj and other one is none other than...Me!.. On one Mid night, around 11:00pm, These three ‘Saamuhikaviruthan maar’(Social nuisance) were lying on the Road, in front of the ‘Kargil House’(As if sleeping on a Duroflex)... Asking... .So who will go? Ajjo was half minded...Others were not at all...!So Mr.Manoj and Me decided to go to the Thalukandam forest range for the Third time....Mashe, How we will go....By Bike!
On next day, Morning we started our journey on Arun Shanker’s (2005) Yamaha Rx 100, he was riding the Bike, Me was giving the advises to Manoj (poda Chekka,).. were Sitting & going like some ‘Ducati’ drivers...taking the curves infront of the cathedral church like Ducati....Again took the ‘Malayinkeezhu’ curve like ‘Ducati’ only(Kure neram ayallo ‘Ducati, Ducati ennu parayunnu... Chappathi Chappathi ennu kettitundu!)..While taking deep curves, our knees were touching the road and ....!!(Chumma Thallathe, mashe) I sat close to him so that i could escape from the wind... At some village junctions, small kids were running behind the bike....I smiled and waved my hand at them...Riding through the narrow ways, gear down at gutters,(On gutters ,i was standing on the foot rest!),moving on top gear at smooth roads...It was a nice feeling when our journey entered in the forest roads...Two wheeler entered to the hilly stations of Idamalayar .. we parked the vehicle near to one T’shop, whose ceiling was of dried coconut leaves and plastic sheets...Took two tea and a small snacks....
After a small rest, we resumed to the Tribal Village....The way after the Shop was rocky and dusty...very difficult for Ducati drivers, as the journey proceeds.... . Way became more and worse, became steep, I got down from the bike. He alone drove for a while...But I reached faster than him...While Taking one dangerous curve, It happened with a loud sound..Tyre Got Punctured! He looked at me...I looked at the tyre...We walked back with the Ducati...He gave the Bike to my hand...he was pushing it from the back...yel iyya.ilasa.. .yel iyya ilasa...Mr. Tea Shop manager is seeing from outside the Shop....and asking ‘Vedi theerno Makkale...’
‘Chetta,Oru Mechanic ine Kittumo,’ ‘ Vadattuparakku Pokanam..’Hmm.... We sat on one ‘Kalungu’ which was near to...looked at each other...Then asked to Tea’ chettan... ‘Spanner Kittumo...’ We untied all the nuts, screws of the wheel...And decided to go to Vadattu para..In between I asked ‘Eda valla Vatta karayo, Choru pashayo kondu puncture ottichaalo..’. Manoj rookshamaayi onnu nokki...Njan onnum Mindiyilla.. ..We stopped one white Ambassador car and place the Tyre in the a space to sit at the backseat.... Manoj was waiting there at the Dam...
Sinner chellunidam Paathalam ennu paranjaal mathiallo....All my co-passengers were in ‘full fit’....I was a little bit afraid...Onnu Nilavilikkanam ennu thonni...Pedichu, Sound was not coming...They Dropped at somewhere in the forest...I got one bus from there, placed the Tyre under the seat...alighted at Sudhan chettan’s house...I was waited for Sudhan chettan, Dha vannu nilkkunu Manoj with wheel less bike ,infront of me like a jackfruit nut!... He came on other way.... We both went to the Mechanic ....He was working on the Tyre..went to nearby shop ....bought one water melon....paid to both of them and Expressed our thanks....
Again we rode up to the hill....with Our Ducati.....conveyed to the ‘Moopan’.....We are coming to Serve You!
Ennu Snehapoorvam

When we were taking rest near to the Tea shop....A Forest ranger’s Jeep Stopped in front of us....I peeped towards the driver’s seat...Officer was looking like Veerappan... he asked me to come near...I felt as if like a Jerry infront of Tom cat..(Yemaane,ennu vilichu thudangiyaalo. ..) He asked...(In a sharp voice)..From where you are coming from? Sir,Kothamangalam Engineering College.(Kai koopi pidichu, bhavyathyode)....He became cool!...OH, You were the people who were coming earlier to the Forest, taking their census..Don’t you need permission from the range office to help the tribals....! So when you are coming for the next time...Please Report to the Office...Sheri Sir(Yemaaane!)
In our times, By using the name of our college helped us to handle ‘big’ officials..

Travelogue-The midnight crisis

All happened as if it was on Yesterday... ..What we did for them....and what they had given to us....

Dear JY
My hostel room was temporarily changed to a Medical godown...One or two days, I slept in the midst of Medicines... I behaved like a Pharmacist on those days in the Hostel...Prescribed some medicines to my friends and got a name as a ‘Vyaja Doctor’....We planned to go to the village on that Saturday afternoon, One day before the Medical camp...Two things we wanted to do on that day...One was to Inform about the Camp to all Villagers, To organise the Tribal youth to clean the Water tank & Pond...We tempted Liby and Saaju to join with us by the story of Delicious fish Curry(Adhivaasi) ..and told about the taste of Wild fruits...Interest is silently conveyed through the eyes...
The Day had come....We left the hostel with a small bag of one day clothes...Emi, Jobin, Pratish, Saaju, Liby, Bobin and Me...We bought ten kgs of rice and some vegetables for next day’s food...From Immanuel shop.
Eda Ithinte onnum Avashyam illa...Village people will give some to eat for tonight...Purchase only for tomorrow Lunch...Anson Doctorum, Sisterum varunathalle. ..We took all the medicines and groceries and fuel(Pump).. .went for the final Journey. Pratish had carried a Movie camera (Owner One ‘Elephant Vinod’).. On the way there was a small rocky tunnel, stopped the vehicle and had some Photo sessions...( yevide poyo entho..Ariyilla) ...They were reminding me about the Wild fruits...and Adhivaasi supper frequently.. .That forced me to pray ‘Daivame Preekshakalil praveshippikaruthe’.. ‘Reached there on around when our shadows fell on the east ...We had seen the Kaani before we settled in the Community house...(There was a small community centre in the village....For their small meetings... It was not properly maintained.. .there was a television and some newspapers.. .. Room was not properly illuminated. ..Room was filled with some dried leaves...There was a small room by the side of the community hall....Had a small courtyard and a cashew maavu tree in the front)...Placed our ‘jangamana vasthukal’ at the side room...Freshed ourselves for the Job in our hand....Clean the community hall and arrange it for Tomorrow....Choolu Kaikondu thodaatha palarkkum athoru navya anubhavam aayirunnu..Alle Emi...However Bobin Found some time to take the videos of some wild and rare Animals like Dog, Cow,Crow and Hen!!.....Entha Sargathmakatha! (I think we sent the video to NGC)
Liby was asking...Da Evideda Adhivaasi Chayaum Parippu vadayum...I behave as if I didn’t hear... Daivame ithu kure shlyam aayallo...Hmm But we didn’t have much time to be free....Liby, Emi and Saaju went to the big pond to know the situation... .We left the community centre and visited each and every village homes to inform the news...Some people heard it with enthusiasm.. .Some people gave some excuses...we tried to tell the importance of the camp...If any Youth was there, told about the Tank cleaning, sought for their involvement. We got a School athlete from one home...He became a comfort on the way...behaving like a matured person...he was studying in 8th Standard (Age=?) St.George.. Kothamangalam. . We saw some women were sitting in the front of the homes...Most of them were very silent to our call...we walked by the sides of canals, through the dusty roads, through the one feet forest ways ...Covered around 80 families.... As the darkness became too thick to see, we walked back...Bobin held the hands of Pratish..... I walked a little bit back of them ,feeling some tiredness... ..Singing a song....due to Night fears!...

They had already started the 2 HP pump to emptying the Pond.... Closed the valve towards the water tank...opened the outlet valve....pumping water to the marshy land... It was going on...Liby and Saaju was waiting for me.... Da,Evideda Ninte Adhivaasi Supper.... I also didn’t feel bad by their enquiry.. Since i also felt hungry...We got a Rice vessel from nearby house...Sports man also with us to help in making the food...Collected some wood and arranged the rocks like one ‘Aduppu’ ....Since Saaju always had a stock of ‘two birds’ match boxes...we didn’t waste time to get a fire...Angane ‘House warming’ nadannu...Both of them(Saaju,Liby) took the charge as the cooks...cleaned the rice with the water and put it in the vessel...I never moved from the Hot vessel,(Veshanittu irikkan vyaa...) Da Emi vilikkunu... Angottu Chenne....Illa kanji kudichitte ullu....
“Enthokke pukil aayirunnu..Kattu pazham, kattu thennu..Kattu Aana.”
After one hour, we, Seven took the rice soup with the pickles...Nalla Vishappu ullathu kondu Kanji poya vazhi arinjilla... Enikku kure koodi kudikkanam ennu undayirunnu But Njan Samyamanam paalichu...!
After the supper, we moved near to the Pump house....In the night most of the houses were lighted by the kerosene lamps...some were by low voltage lamps...It was real tough to find the way in the night as there was no street lights ....We got one ‘petro max’ ....Jobin hold the lamp and walked in the front through the unknown ways....each other made others way easy and safe...Tomorrow we may in need of pulley and coir...With one tribal friend we went to a house some what far from the community house We had a charge less torch ,i played on the torch with my thumb...Time was running fast by cutting the darkness of the night..... On the way back i sang a song to cover my night fear....We sat on the side of the pond, Two or three Tribal youth were awoke with us....Curiously listen the trumpets of wild elephants... ...
First Crisis
Pipe length was three by fourth of the depth of the pond....And HP of the Pump was not enough to pull all water...Need another pump of more HP...Time was around Midnight...If we stop pumping the water...then water again would rise....Effort would become like a line in the water....What will do! Somebody told...Some Pump operators are there in Kothamangalam. ...They may have Pumps..But Tomorrow is Sunday...
Ennu Snehapoorvam
We requested to our jeep driver, By his mercy we travelled down to the Idamalayar in that night...Emi and me sitting in the back...both slipped in to sleep....holding hands on the bar and supporting our tired face on the arms.... Jeep was moving slowly down through the forest ways....

Travelogue-The memorable sunday

Dear Emi,
Your determination, Unless It would become a dream always....I’m bowing my head before your great efforts and passion to realise the Dreams!
Shall I dedicate this bunch of words to you!

Dear JY
We requested to our jeep driver, By his mercy we travelled down to the Idamalayar in that night...Emi and me sitting in the back...both slipped in to sleep....holding hands on the bar and supporting our tired face on the arms.... Jeep was moving slowly down through the forest ways....(Travelogue-Midnight Crisis)

Our Night Journey ends at our Sudhan chettan’s verandha...Like ‘kannas and kadalaa’s we laid on the verandha...But our sleep were disturbed by the cool high range wind ...Da ,Yezhunekkado, Time is 5’o clock...I woke up by his irritating call....Your Watch may be wrong...We disturbed Mr.Sudhan in his good sleep, and got the probable place where we could get the Pump... “Cheladu Oru Achayan undu...If he didn’t go to church..You would get the pump...” “Daivame Achayan innu Palliyil pokalle....( !!).”..He rotate the key ,..both were sitting in the front of the jeep...Sunrays were falling through the leaves... On the way,driver was telling the name of some junctions (to know either whether we were sleeping or he was!)...Stopped somewhere for a Morning tea...Jeep turned the way left to the main road near to Cheladu Church...We reached his(Pump operator) house after asking the location to the locals....At that time he was giving Kaadi water to his Domestics... We told our need and worry...We amazed by his knowledge of the Thaalukandam Village and the Pond...We helped him to take the Big Pump and safely placed on the Jeep...We got one more tea from his house....As the vehicle moved ,we passed a smile to the family.....We reached back to the village around 8’o clock morning...Pratish, Jobin and Bobin were busily arranging the room for the Camp...Liby and Saaju were taking initiatives for the food...
Operator took the supply from the pump house and throw the flexible pipe to the water...Turned on the Motor...water was flushing down to the field....All faces were glittering with the Providance.. .Pratish told “Da we must go to each house again”. Other wise they won’t come..Like in our One day programs, we reached out to the houses again without any shyness....On the way we saw a man walking fast to the camp, with his children...It was good omen for us to know, how the people were taking our call....Athu njangalle cheriya oru ahamgaarikal aakki...
Music ministry under the leadership of Jimesh along with Dr.Anson and Dharmagiri sisters were arrived on time... ( Dr Sajitha chechi, Sister Milton, Jaise, Saumya, Lea, Sanjoy, Prince, Ajjo, Basil, Treesa,AF, Jayadeep ) All were happy with our arrangements. .. “Kaani showed his presence in the morning itself....Forest range officials came by holding the tail of Macian’ jeep...Around 80 people attended the Camp...Doctors put their Stealth(Athu missile alle) in the ear...closely hearing the worries and pain...prescribing medicines... awareness to the epidemics and Our people were extending their hands for its smooth going.....
Full of.....
Atlast we saw the bottom of the Pond...Full of rocks ....We went down to the pond to clean....Youth of the village also were with us...Some where standing on the top and giving instructions. ..Emi and jobin were working hard to clean the side of the pond and putting efforts to remove the rocks from the pond..I was playing in the muddy water...Da..Mushi(Fish) Pokunnada....They looked at me (Avarkku Ishttapettilla) ..I looked at another fish...Da..One Mr.Varaal...But things were not went as we were too heavy to remove from the pond...Sun moved near to the top of us..Sweat was flowing down....We washed the side of the pond with the fresh water and at the end the cleaning agent too....
We came up of the pond...All went to the water tank like a political rally...tank was on the top of a hill, Sorry Mountain...We carried the coconut ‘Thondu’ to clean the tank..On the way we ate some Parangi pazham...jumped in to the water tank(6x3) and started the cleaning with a water play...Tribal Youths were actively involving in the service...A one hour job....sat close to the water tank with stretched legs and tongue outside at the end...add the cleaning agent to the water...Somebody cut some coconut leaves and Put on the top of the tank....
In the Community centre Music Ministry of JY was conducting a beautiful program for them...after had their lunch..They did Skits & Music’s for them...Sorry I don’t know much about that....We took the lunch....Time was running fast...we had a small get together infront of the community center...People was telling..This should continue...villager s were looking towards us with gratitude... Then We had a small concluding thanksgiving prayer.... Jeep was started for the LH trip...They waved their hands to them...
The last bus from Idamalayar was at 5:30pm...We were not sure of getting the bus...Liby and Saaju were still bathing near to the Well...We walked fast through the forest ways...time had already crossed 5:30....We decided to stay that night at Sudhan’s residence... But the Bus was still waiting there for us at the Junction...Conducto r pressed the bell...Sat near to Jobin...One more time I looked back to the Hill..and asked to him... This is our last journey...Isn’t?
I can now believe it as a story Only, Like Once up on a time. JY had an out reach to forest...... ...

Ennu Snehapoorvam

Alla,Nammude Chettan yevide...kanunillal lo....Ithu kettanu njan kulathil ninnum mukalilekku nokkiyathu.. ..Oh Chettan ivide undayirunno!
Niram (Color) kandittu ,Njan vicharichu valla Adhivaasi pyannum ayirikkum ennu..!!
I found difficult to cover my shyness...I smiled at her showing my front teeth having 10Angstrom gap!

Deeptham ee chithrangal

I am digging the tomb of my memory….I amazed by the still alive memoirs…I mixed it with colors…Sketch it in alphabets….But Letters r moving…..falling down in drops……
OH….Ormakalude Mazhapeythu! !

Dear JY…
My first Picture:
My first picture about her is the Smile which is hided in the eyes.(Thejas)…”Eshow mishihayikku sthuthi….”when she told this wish na…Grace is raining down….

My second Picture
Picture is of six years old…. It is happened in one Wednesday group.. Always she was the girl who was remembering parents in our group…One day she knowingly forgot to pray…..Detective Chanchal directly told infront of the Group…Why?.” you know…This week I had a fight with my Pappa….So”
The Snap shows her genuine character

Third Picture

The innocence in her Reply…
In one of our group she shared about a God’s Experience happened in her C’ theory class rooms…
Miss asked to write a C-program to everyone…She and Manju answered it so quickly(Midukkikala anennu oru dharana,pinne)… She was interested to write it on the board..Shared with Manjus too…With out knowing this …Very next moment Miss asked her to write it on the Black Board..

You know, How she is sharing it with the Group…”Njangal( Njan) Nannayi Padikkumennu Pothuve oru ….”suddenly we started to make a foxy sound in the group….Kooooooooooo. .hoooooooooooo

Fourth Picture

In the last group she reveled the Secret behind her high Acceptance among students, Proffesors…. She told to us “ IF You smile to the World ,World will smile you back”…

Fifth Picture..
After she had passed out ,we kept the relation through some weird calls…We talked in some other’s voice and make fun with her…She behaved as if she didn’t understand….

Even After she passed out…..If any time she came to Kothamangalam… She would Visit the St.Josephs Orphanage….Her Deep concern is always appreciated! !.I liked it n try to practice later…..Never forget the ways which we traveled!!

Sixth Picture..
When I was in cochin for my Design Courses (Chumma,Vaayinottam ) …. Week ends I usually went there….for some hot tea and nice chats….Manjus also was there….(Those days Her parents were in States… Manjus was her Care taker…..)…If I entered their home in Elamkulam….She was giving some assignments always…

1)Repair her Computer System (Computerinte munpil Kai Koopi pidichum wonder adichum mathrame njan ninnittullu…Innum Ennum !…Alla ningal parayoo..RAM ennu paranjaal enthuvaa…Enikku oru RAM ine ariyoo..Seetha’ s Hus)

2) Seminar Slideil Cartoon varakkuka….( Cusat MBA first rankinte oru part enikkum Avakaashapettathaan u)…

3)Prepare Coffee or Tea ….

For all this help , One day She (cooking partner-Manjus) gave one good treat to me in her home …..After eating…I told…”Rice soup (Kanji) Nannayittunudu” … Eda ithu Biriyani aa… ”Ente Ammachiye…”

You know ,All people have Seasons in their lifetime….In my desertous summer….Her Calls were coming n touching as a Breeze…”Subine Sughaaano” …..Chechi sughamayirikkunnu… .The Art of Caring …..i learned it from her…..
My Hope….. in my deepest despair…….

Chechiye kandittu kurekaalamaayi… Still the Pictures are colorful and bright….and…… can’t forget her Beautiful Mind…..

Ennu Snehapoorvam

Her Name….Mrs. Deepthi Jose, (2002 passout),JY

IBS..Business Analyst(NSE, BSE ...Pinne stock exchnage)
Technopark, Trivandrum …….

Her Brother was telling to me…”Once She got a chance to compeer a program in one local channel in Ekm….started very well…in the middle someone called and asked for a film scene….
What she was asking …you know
Hello, which scène u were interested to see….” Achanum Ammayum Ulla scene veno atho Ammayum Achanum ulla scene veno….”

(Aarodum parayalle ennu paranjatha……)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Days before Exit

I never thought of a relieving day; when I was joined!!

Dear Colleagues,
Today is very painful to me. The Day which is created for me to leave from my Company and from the Country too. I would like to share with you some small wise things which are happened for me during my Dar regime. The First day, I was struggled to mingle with the atmosphere of these country and the culture. In office I was started the life with a Tea which was prepared on some others Cup. :).I got a temporary seat and a computer behind the Sarma sir’s seat. I pushed my first two weeks by studying Standards (as if).I gave break times to my studies in order to avoid boredom .My habit of taking five Teas per day came to my life through my break times. My seniors and SH were confused with my silence whether he was studying or simply day dreaming….

First Advice:
On one Day of dreaming, Sarma sir came near to my seat and asked some questions regarding Standards and I started to answer with my broken English. My answers didn’t satisfy him. He told me “Never hesitate to ask doubts, to your senior or even to your junior staffs”.

My First Job:
Company got fed up with my ‘GTW’. So they given me OUT door lighting design of HIE.I took one week to finish the job. If you are working on some computer, always some surprises would happen. We don’t know when our system get shut down or restarted. I did my first job four times in that week due to some unexpected shut downs. But one good thing is I became thorough in Outdoor Design. I finished it in an amateur way. But I got a good support from my Seniors Mr.Iyub and Mr.Pandiaraj.

My Friends:
It is pretty bad if I’m not mentioning some names at this time…Rijesh, Justin, Param, Manju,….A good number of people. They shared their good jokes, good thoughts, time with me. I may forget the faces in the future. I may forget their Jokes in the coming days. I may forget their smile. I may forget how they look like. I may forget how their sounds heard like…
But I NEVER FORGET HOW THEIR MIND WAS…When I will hear their names, I am sure that my Mind will fill with JOY…Thanks Dear.

My Tea and Lunch Times:
First of all thanks to all my coffee mates and Lunch mates. I would like to be there for all the days. In my belief I am thinking the most productive corners of my Office. We are coming there to have a good time. My usual companions..Param, Manju, Mamdouh, Hasan, Natarajan Sir, Sarma sir, Anwer, Imran, Dhana, Ali. We talked about anything in the universe. About Politics, Economics, Countries, Sports, Office, SEX, Girls, Religion, Relations, Philosophy…What else. A lot of people enlightened me with their wisdom …
But my Lunch time was filled with aggressive talks…We talked with tongue’s of flame. But it improves my communication and confidence. Thanks Param. J

About my Company: My Gratitudes
I will always owe to Alfanar always. You know they gave me a precious opportunity to work in Power systems. Gave the first chance to work and live with an International community. I don’t know how my career would go, but I am sure Dar Engineering played an important role in my career life. Thanks for your kind concern and the single penny you paid to me….Thanks to Mr. Yogesh. It is my pleasure to tell that I was surrounded with people who are hard working, knowledgeable and Kind like Mr.Sarma, Mr. Johnson & Mr.Shahid. Special thanks to Mr.Iyub, Pandia raj and paramanand who mould me in such way that I can stand on my feet. Thanks to Altaf, Justin & Sohail who supported me at critical times..

Egyptians Brothers.
Sometimes I was amazed by their good affection with me. I am not interested to ask why, but wish me ’May I be like this forever’.Shukran Habibee. ”So aaso Habeebe habaaso”.

Who did my things well?
It is cruel if I’m not mentioning their names. Mr.Anwer, Mr.Mansoor, Mr.Muneer, Mr.Subhan. Thanks for all the efforts which makes me safe in this country. Once again Heartfelt Thanks!!

Villa, My Abode
I used to reach my villa after 5:30.There is a man who is waiting for us. Our non stop A.I.R, Ali Kurangattu, Villa Cook. I’ll miss his delicious Dishes. A lot of Good initiatives came from there, like Our Cricket, Our small get-togethers, Our Beharin & Halfmoon Trips. I’m missing a lot the Home, which covers my feelings and worries like a MOTHER.

Aamir, Hasan, Prakash, Rajesh, Ibrahim, Balaji, Sageer…Enjoy & keep in Touch..

Thanks Dear ALMIGHTY, Who is compassionate on me.

People, Second needle of the Wall clock is moving near to my departure time. Hey, I want to drop a line at the end…Yes, Please Wish me..
“May YOU get a lot of nice people like US.”

With Best Regards
Subin Mathew George

Please Note, Dear Dhana& Habeeb, continue your funs and share your experiences… J

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vandhana Chothyam chinthyam

In my Childhood, I was curious to hear His Miracle stories
In my Teenage, I was curious to Listen His Parables
In my Youth, I am curious to meditate His Questions….

(To Peter, he asked Do you Love Me..?)

Dear JY,
There was a heavy rain in the morning on that day… (Those days I was working in Alind.) I was seeing the beauty of the rain, falling through the window…Took one three fold black umbrella and went out of my small room.. to take one Hot Tea. Before opening the ‘Kuda’, big drops of water fell on my forhead..I weared my sandals and walked along by the side of the muddy road…to Gopi ‘Muthalaali’s T’shop, Gopi; a victim of globalization and liberalization… (When new shops came, tough to survive… His worry)

“Chetta, oru chaya, Medium Mathi ketto”…I opened one Manorama newspaper, reading along with the hot tea…In the middle I looked outside…small school going girls…koottam koottam aayi…some on foot ..Some by ‘Ladybirds’…very cute to see them with red ribbon on their hair…Again I went back to reading...looked for the news where I was stopped earlier…

Again I was disturbed in reading by the sound of a “Cycle falling’ and a cry of a girl..i went out of the T’shop to see what had happened…Njan Kanda visual ithaanu…”Cycle roadil kidappundu…athinte mukalil penkutty(karayunnu)… oru steel vessel lied on the road and milk was flowing along with the rain water”…One old man helped her to stand up from the road…

“karayanda…Onnum pattiyillallo” I told her…still the eyes was rolling down …by the fear of her Mother’s word. ”Milma boothil kodukkanda Paalayirunnu” .I took her cycle up and went along with her to her home…On the way I asked her whereabouts…. She told me “Vandhana, sixth stdil padikkunnu…NSS inte schoolil, Ivide adutha veedu”…She asked back..”Chetta oru 25 rupees yedukkan undo”.. “Abatham aayallo Thamburaane”….I want to give to my mother for Milk.. Ente pocket keeri ennu paranjaal mathiyallo…

After two days I saw her…on her cycle, riding with one hand and holding the milk on other hand (Pinne engane cycle mariyaathirikkum)… when she saw me…she pressed on the bell too and asked…”Chetta Engotta”…”Ivide vare”

On that evening, she stopped her cycle behind me and asked."Engotta” , Oh Vandhana…Njan Parumalakku’….
“Then I’ll drop u there up to Junction…’ ‘Enne Thalli idaan alle…’she smiled and rode her way…

Two days after, in the morning, I saw her on the same ladybird….she was on her way to her school…dress up on her uniform, Navy-blue skirt and white shirt…
Again she started with the usual word…"Chetta, Engotta?”

I had a practice of going to church in the evening when I was in Alind…(Chumma, No other time…) On that evening too I went to the parumala church…I knelt down and closed my eyes…I faced the same question…”Subin, Engotta”.. (From inside…) I tried to hear it again…”Engotta nee….”I tried to find out some real answers to the question….Really where are you going..? I started to meditate … (Answers to the small questions are always a tough task)…Where is your life heading towards… Am I going straight…! Subin are you walking on a straight line…Are you plain & Straight in thoughts, words and deeds……. Reality is always Shocking (heard, first time from Jimesh)

At the end, I read from the Bible, which lied on the side bench there…The Voice from the Desert….Voice of John

“Valanja Vazhikal Nere(str8) aakkuka…”Axe is put under the tree which is not bearing Fruits…..Ente Daivame…(cheriya oru njettalode, I read the passage)

Ennu Snehapoorvam

Last December I went to Alind to see my old colleagues…on the way back to home, I alighted at Vandhana’s home…I kept two pieces of ‘Kitkat’ for her…She was standing by the side of the front door… “Engane undu padutham….Thante Cycle yevide…”.when she was replying to me, I gave the Kitkats to her…and later said bye to her.

When I walked back to my vehicle…She asked from the behind….
“Chetta, iniyum engotta…?”.”Nere veettilekku…”

Proverbs 17:22

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.
Proverbs 17:22

Dear JY,

Our House is residing beside one crowded town...When we had started to live there, it was a little bit tough to bear the noises n the rush...Later we had to tolerate with it...(Like one short Joke, A man came to one palmist...” As per palm lines, for the next thirty years you would earn for your living by begging...” “After that Njan rekshapedum alle....”Oh After that, you never feel bad, Pinne it will become a habit).... Almost all the Govt offices are located in our neighbourhoods. ... Athil, Police station is nearer to us...Oru nearly two hundred mtrs from my home...So in those years, we had a feeling that our property and life were very secure..So my mother gave thanks to God to get a house near to the ‘Adoor Station...’(But I had a little fear in my school days to go on way infront of the station....there was a base for my fear..Once Police njangalle ittu townilkoodi onnu odichittundu. ..A Strike related to Load shedding...)

However, Sometimes we would see on the road that some thieves were escaped from their hand and running with life...Sometimes this people walked through our ‘parambu’ like some strangers... we would think may be some wayfarers ,When we looked them sharply..they were accelerating their speed...Pirakaale da varunnu Police...njangallud e parambikkude. ...(Adoor ningale kaal valiya kallan maaro,Sorry Njan kallan aayathu 20 years kazhinja.... Ithu athinu munpulla katha aanu)

On One Saturday.......I came out of my house by hearing the big roaring of a person...”Thief, Thief”..I went to the road...I saw that man who was running with the loud sound...When he crossed me..I asked to him where is the thief..He pointed his hand to the front...and then he ran fast...A group of people was running behind him....I again asked to them...Where is the thief... “Mone,Ah ‘Kallan’ ‘Kallan’ ennu vilichondu odunnavana Kallan...!” Ah ha Athrakku aayo....I also joined with the gang...
(You know people, A few like me in the society is like this...... They are behaving like a Moral police....They are holy with words But.....Sheep skinned wolves...Now more of these species are settled in the field of Arts n Literature.. ..)

After my college days, I spend my days to reach out to the nearby JY groups...Usually I asked a question to the groups, What your parents and friends would tell about you, If you die today!...Are you a curse or a blessing! Recently I heard a joke related to the subject...

An young employee called to his Boss house...His wife afraid to take the call, He asked where is the boss...She told He died last week..Oh..
He called on the next morning...Madam, Where is the boss, She told again He died on last week...
He continued to call her for two more days...
Madam, Where is the boss..She got too much angry, I told you that he died on last week..Then why you are asking again and again

Yes Madam I know he died one week back......Then. ...... (Silence)
Madam, I loved to hear it again and again that he died on last week!!

Once Jeevajyothi achan visited our group...In the middle of the speech he told a joke regarding White lies....Once a group of children were playing..... For telling one lie, children will give one mango each to the opponent...Game became very hot...children were telling some lies even more than my boss...On that way a priest came, He understood this game is not good...So he called the the children near to him and told this is bad habit ...You know, Till now I didn’t tell any lie....Ithu kettathum ,children gave their full bunch of fruit to the Priest and Told We never saw such a great lie teller....
In my hand, a cover of Mangobyte sweets, Njan Achane thondi....then gave it to him(like that children did)...Achanu athu ishttapetto illayo Hmm...... Ariyilla .....
A person’s quality in spirituality can weigh by hearing their Jokes...Like our cardinal Padiyara...Marthoma Metropolitan,

Ennu Snehapoorvam
Subin Mathew George

Wedding Cake
A couple was arranging their wedding and asked the bakery to inscribe the wedding cake with 1 John 4:18 which reads “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.” The bakery evidently lost, smudged or otherwise misread the noted reference, and beautifully inscribed on the cake John 4:18 ... “For you have had five husbands, and the man you now have is not your husband.”