Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Friend,For you!

The element of spirituality which impressed me most is Compassion; Then the next in the periodic table is .......

I was walking like the jack in old axioms, through the shades of tall concrete trees. It was on a dark Wednesday; Street was a little busy than other days, people were walking with a long steps back to their lovely abodes. All the street lamps opened their eyes. I was stopped at the small corner shop for a hot tea and a bite. After Giving the order, I opened my phone for passing the time .Meanwhile i received an anonymous call; I couldn’t recognize the land from where the call was coming...Ya ,May be from Africa, I thought....Aliyo, What’z up. Ahhh, Aliyo & one what’z up ( I searched in my memory folders)...I got him from the folder ‘Collegemate’; Ashish. Mashe, where are you now... Nigeria,... For what! (I doubted), I have been here for last one month..Onsite. Nghe, What!... How did you get this job, Man....Why? In college days, i know how much you hated this C programming... Ha ha, That was a big story...Like in the college times we untied the stories of past, which were a bit of funny and friendly, other on small but serious concerns on politics,economics and education,even life after college(death!), ends with something about families & friends...I never know how long we conversed over phone on that day. But he surely knew how long!.That warm Call ended with a wish ‘will see you,Man’.

While travelling in the bus and even walking through the corridors of the apartment, Until I slept on that day,... My heart was full of the colorful memories of campus... Still I fond of it since Campus gave me a good number of friends. To whom we could open our deepest fears or thoughts. Sometimes they surprised with beautiful solutions!..It was such a cool feeling that there is a helping hand and a supporting shoulder for sure around us! Some were treasures of stories; Some stories were short, some were long, some were funny, some were fearful. In the middle of such a story, Ashish revealed about a personal guilt in that small hostel room! Da, You know I’m 90% happy and 10% depressed...His unexpected statement gave us a strange feeling. I told him, I know about your 10%...He glanced at me...Oho then tell me...Your 10% is that You are not up to the mark of your Mother’s dream!.Yes, you are rite!(He was stunned).He didn't know that I’ve Gift of vision.. ;) Behind every smiling faces there were crying hearts!(Isn't)...and Nobody is up to the mark of Mother’s(God’s) Dream (rite!).I pondered in that night how Our relations were budded; It was through some mischievous ‘para’kal (troubles) and by keeping similar mind set towards woman ;)

As an unknown author says;

A friend is someone we turn to

when our spirits needs a life

A friend is someone who fills our lives

with beauty, joy and grace

And makes the whole world we live in

a better and happier place

In that breezy December he travelled from Delhi just to see his old friends via Mumbai. We sat back at the shades of marine drive to untie the same old and golden stories of campus...In the middle; just reminded him about his 10% depression....Oh, you still remember it!

My Love to you


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mathai's preach

Once an old man came to our town from the south and gave an unusual speech form the bus stand corner. Not like the contemporary street preachers.Very soft spoken and funny; all about Christ and Life. Our School manager invited him to our school on one afternoon to tell the same speech to us..The Only line in the speech i can remember is ‘when someone dies...Don’t say his air has gone(കാറ്റ് പോയി), Life is something more than air’

Pedagogue Mathai; There was (is) a man whose mind is full of thoughts, Like waves in the sea. Earlier times he got enough stages to express his thoughts of different wavelengths. But Now a days it was a little scarce. His fate can compare with some politicians who are looking for a space and time to tell their political moralities. Everyone knows it is an unlikely thing. (But Mathai is clever.)Now, Mathai depends on bathroom to do his ritual. A Colgate toothpaste and a mirror is sufficient for him to open wide his mouth. My beloved country men,.. Truly telling, His speeches are almost like him; both are unbearable.(Truth are all times sour!).

There was a rumour that Mathai delivered a speech in recent times at that bus stand corner on the topic Christian leadership in this changing world. I got an extract of the speech....

There is a saying that Change is the only thing that doesn’t change. But I’m amending the saying; Change is not the only thing that doesn’t change; but the word of God also!

Dear fellow travellers..I’m trying to share my thoughts on a deep and wide topic; Christian leadership in this changing world!.I’m put forth Three observations related to the topic for your thoughts.

Changing world is not a new thing! It is obvious and a continuous thing happening in the universe. It is very clear as from the beginning of the creation to Now; Now at the time of finding out water contents in the soils of moon!.What is the real mayhem in this time...

Real quandary in this changing world is the unevolved Man. One of the good books which gave a light on the attitudes of man in the BC is the Holy Bible. By the acts of first parents, First murder happened near the altar, Sodom’s deadly sins, Slavery in Egypt, Selfishness even in the middle of desert, Innocent blood at the Mount Calvary...Everything written in the Holy book is repeating in these times as it was; but in new names and new forms...Like Terrorisms or abortions. So Man doesn’t change that much in this changing world..

What Crisis is he creating to the Church....Now a days Man is stumbling the pillars of Faith of Holy church..As you know, In these recent years Man is preaching a different stuff of spirituality; Prosperity spirituality..This will dilute the essence of Christian spirituality!..

Secondly He is trying to change the virtues of the church which was casted on the Law of God! Most recent example is the verdict of Delhi high court!

How Church can deal with the unchanged man in this changing world! One solution!

The Church should hold on the Word, which doesn’t change, The word which gives the comfort, The word which leads to repentance, The word which gives light to our paths, The word of God! And to the Man who became flesh from the same word!


On the Next day morning, Mathai’s roommate Sarin koottala told in disgusting, I saw a lot of people snoring in their sleep, and even seen a few people who were speaking in their sleep...But First time in my lifeI'm seeing a man who is delivering speech in sleep. I heard ‘changing world’ ....a few times and one Thanks.

You would have to see the padagouge’s face at that time!.