Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lully, Lullay, thou little tiny child

Drama Scene 1

King Herod: Kill all male children upto two years of old 

Courters: King!! 

King Herod(Roaring):It is better the innocent should die; than guilty should escape 

An Old man : Children of two years..Oh No.... my Majesty 

King Herod: I’m not ready to share my world with an infant; There is no room for two kings in Israel 

(Background Music) Children are crying; Mothers are weeping 

(Background Illustration) Cries from Rama; Rachel is lamenting about her children; Prophesy of Jeremiah is fulfilled. 

Choir is singing the Coventry Carol 

Lully, Lullay, thou little tiny child.
Bye, bye, lully, lullay.
Lullay thou little tiny child
Bye, bye, lully, lullay 

Herod the King, in his raging,
Charged he hath this day;
His men of might, in his own sight,
All young children to slay.

Dear JY, 

Param; My friend 

                  He is an Electrical designer, ascended from one Karwar Brahmin family. Since we joined together in the last company; It was easy to build the relationship with him. We became good friends by the extreme diversities of character than the similar behavioural patterns.  

                  Our common doings were making fun of others. Once we made a fun with our Engineering Manager. He is having one 85 model Car. We know he won’t change the car as well as doesn’t have the ‘shame’ on coming in such an old model. But we felt ‘shame’ by seeing this executive personality in the ‘Bullock cart’. So put a sticker on his vehicle on last April fool. “CAR FOR SALE” along with his contact number. On that day, Our ‘Poor’ Manager was tired of answering the enquires. 

                We used to have some good and quality fights on the current politics, religion or on economic issues. His stand was always with the ‘Saffron’ and would make sharp statements which will ripple for times. When I fought with him on Orissa issues. He told to me loudly, we will kill all Christians. Our land is land of my religion. People, He never hides his anger; Showed in front of anyone. I respected him since He was not caged by ‘IMAGE’

               Really he was a tough person for tough people. The Mettle of our Managers was competing, when they dealt with him. He always put logical lies to back up his statements and even in design too. Normally people didn’t have good answers to him. 

But for me He is Just like the Coconut from our fields; with a hard wrap but full of sweet inside.. 

            On one evening, by giving two pieces of biscuits, he told me “Today was my birthday”. I couldn’t believe that. However I wished him. I sent one mail to our company colleagues saying that “Today Mr. Param has crossed 35 years; please wish him”. He became angry by getting the birthday wishes. He was irritated by seeing the age. I still don’t know why peoples get annoyed by hearing their age..(My Grandmother didn’t increase her age even by one for the last 16 years. In 90’s I asked her age..She told me ‘73’.Last vacation also, I asked, Oh 73 aayi. Since ‘Telling lie’ is a hereditary disease; so I have been telling to my friends for last three years that I’m 23 only.) 

                After three months, he brought another sweets and distributed to all in the company. I asked him.. So your second birthday in this year, rite?.But he closed his small eyes and put a cute smile on his face. After an hour he called me near to his seat .He tilted the monitor and showed a fotograph of his family. You know, this girl who is sitting on the bed is my sister...Ok...But Boss, you have only two brothers. Rite. Yes, this girl is our adopted sister. We are bringing up her for the last 19 years. Today she is getting married. 


All she needs a secure future; Sponsor a Child—Ad on the net 


Ennu Snehapoorvam 


Drama: Scene 2 

King Herod (confessing): I spoiled my name in the pages of History...Hey people, But I am afraid of New Herod... 

(Herod is walking anxiously on the stage...)  

Audience : murmuring 

King Herod(after a bit silence): And is YOU...Abortion, Child abuse, Famine, .

Audient (Full of ‘water’ from the back seats): Azhiiiiiiichu videdaaaaaaaaa enneeeeee....Kure kaalam aayi...... 






Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I' O' ...Papa Vanne

Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children; now I have six children, and no theories.

John Wilmot

Dear JY,
Ayyo..! Ayyo….! Pappa Vanne (Brother is screaming)
It was summer, But all the days were set with rain (Mango showers). Our cricket matches had been abandoned for weeks. As a better alternative we started swimming (!) in a pond which is near to my Mother’s home. Village pond is a natural one with algae covered flat rock at the center and boundaries are built of uneven rocks. Sometimes small rat snakes are looking at us from their small caves. Water in the pond neither rise above the knees in the rainy June nor dry even in the hottest summer. On one rainy evening, we were playing in the pond. But all omens in the nature were bad, crows on the jackfruit trees were crying….Dogs from far were barking…. .Cousin who is having a better knowledge on Nature’s language told us... “Things are not fine, we would get some surprise news today”…A few minutes later Our Uncle called us loudly from the home and told us…’Your Papa has arrived’ ….We felt the news like a thunderstorm… My brother replied back.. “Whose Pappa..Our’s or Cousin’s”…. “Yours”…He looked up to the skies and ran down to the fields with a loud cry, Ayyo Pappa vanne ..

You know, In early child hood itself he showed some prophetic skills…He knows, Summer vacation is changing to summer schools..He knows, all coming evenings would be busy with calculating LCM & HCF. He knows, our body would be well ploughed by sticks at the end…He knows, we couldn’t go to sleep before 10’0 clock.

His helpless cry was an omen of the future happenings. Years passed over, nearly 15…But still I am remembering the brown picture of his fear filled face. Sometimes I mocked him with this story.

Story of a Hibiscus rosa-sinensis in our garden Only plant in our courtyard is Shoe flower plant. Sometimes we felt that only purpose of the plant as a tool of punishments… It has a short life varying from one to two years. It depends on our papa’s leave…What a bad fate… Mother tried to explain him about its medicinal properties .But nothing happened … However ‘Hibiscus rosa sinensis’ played an important role in developing the skills in mathematics.

Unfortunately there was no difference in My School too. Our History & Geography Sir, One King Marthandavarma, (Proudly telling, I gave the name) , He got the name by his ‘war’ skills… Pupils didn’t know where he was keeping the ‘Sword’ ,After asking some tough historical and geographical questions, he took the stick from somewhere…It was moving like a snake in the air…calling each one by name..Unfortunately he called me twice in a class period and gave the ‘sweets’..After getting ‘one’, I used to spend some time near to the cold school walls by pressing my back to transfer the ‘hot’(thermodynamic principle).But still I don’t know how my brother bear 10 continuous beats on the way to prove the Isosceles theorem. On those days we only know the last line of the theorem…ie, RHS=LHS, Hence proved…
Sunday School lessons
One of my first lesson from the Sunday schools was Ayyo,Kallam Parayalllee, Kannu potti pokum’…Later I stopped my catechism classes due to some ‘technical reasons’. How long we could see the same old lady in the Sunday school classrooms. I told to Amma, i cannot stay three years in the same class. They need to pass the yearly exams, class tests for the promotions…Frankly telling I didn’t get any values from my Sunday school days, only some religious concepts..That also I forgot.

Am I a better being after getting all this ‘good’ punishments & ‘good’ advises?

Ennu Snehapoorvam

Related Facts...
 I am doubting whether our next generation will get a quality mentor (Parent, teacher (School/Sunday schools)), a value based education, or even a developed family atmosphere.

 We are learning for 20 years (majority) for getting a position / job/ priesthood, or for earning money or for running an institution. But there is no good resource trainings ‘on mentoring a child’ (Parenting). If my belief is wrong, please consider as my ignorance.





Hope, My belief is…..If you want to be Hopeful, things which are happening at your home or at your neighborhood, or even around the globe should tells us that ‘Yes, your situation will change’.. Is it right? Or HOPE is something beyond the Situations…

Dear JY,

On one evening I traveled by a Taxi from my office to my apartment, which was driven by one ‘Pakistani’ .I was a little scared of his outward appearance with turban and a long beard…(News which are hearing even from my state is about the terrorism).. I took a long breath to get some courage (Ravi Shankerji’s tip) and sat as if the most courageous man…with folded hands… Meanwhile I read his name from the laminated Driver’s ID…. Muhammad zakir Ahmed zakir Muhammad Hussein...Fear was gradually developing in my mind …But I tried my level best not to show the emotion on my face….As usual we stuck in the Traffic for a good long time. To break the silence b/w us. I asked which is your name. He smiled at me…Oh, Njan Happy aayi… “Muhammed zakir is my name… Ahmed zakir is fathers...” I skewed my head ..Pinne, I’ll call you only as SABU…(I told to myself, Otherwise tell me How we can call this big name…..) On the way he gave some helpful information about this crowded city…I asked again, In Pakistan, where you are coming from…..I am from Afghan border…I don’t know from where it was come again …..What? ….. Fear. I moved my eyes to the left corner and looked at him….I asked him You from Vasiristhaan!…. Not exactly, but nearby village…..I was coward enough not to ask any further questions to him…But I was curious….Is it true that Al-Qaida is in Vasiristhan mountain regions….Yes, After a bit silence….He continued….One year and Nine months I was a Warrior….Khallas !! Driver, I would like to get down at nearby stop ,! However I removed my seatbelt….But he is continuing “I don’t know why they are fighting for….They were setting the CD shops into fire, Girls are not allowed to go for education….They are PAGALs…” But that journey leaves a lot of unanswered questions in my mind…Any Good reasons to believe in Human Beings…Someone is telling Terrorism is the outcome of the Policies of Developed nations…On the other hand they are defending their policies by security reasons….Who knows,

After getting down from the taxi, I went to a Malabari T’shop .I took one hot Tea and bought an evening newspaper from there….Night fell on the city and I walked towards my flat…On the way I saw an old handicapped woman with a walking stick was crossing the busy street…Her face was falling down of pain…I freshen up in the night by the beauty of the Moon…Before going to sleep, I opened the newspaper to know whether any relief measures for the Global financial crisis… But my eyes were locked on a sad demise of an young girl and her Father…I read down to the news...I came to know that She was suicide due to her Father’s illness (cancer)… Father’s health was collapsed suddenly by hearing this news and He was also died on the same day…They are from near to my home town. I fell down to deep sorrow …I looked at the pictures of Christ and St.Mary which are hanging on the fairly painted wall….My all thoughts came to one point. Father’s reason to survive and fight against the disease was his beloved daughter…But she never knows that fact…Of course sometimes we are the reasons for others survival…Sometimes We are the Hope for the desperate mind … Sometimes we are the Candles in others deep darkness…Time was travelling deep into the darkness…A song was airing through the FM.

When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary;
When troubles come and my heart burdened be;
Then, I am still and wait here in the silence,
Until you come and sit awhile with me.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up... To more than I can be.

On that Night, Before I went to sleep, I had recited Psalms 23 two times.

Ennu Snehapoorvam

But on the next day morning I woke up with the News…OBAMA WON; First Afro-American President…..

I gazed down to the street through the window ….I have seen the same Old Handicapped Woman, crossing the road with her Face Up

shepherds of Golan Heights

               Once I was the Santa clause of our Christmas Carol. They tried Santa's dress on a lot of people; but it was fit only for me. Unfortunate! They tied one brass pot on my belly. After wearing the costumes, I was not knowing "what to do".

                   When we were visiting the houses, I was giving some handshakes first and as the carol began, I started jumping here and there. After such a 'jumping' show, we were going to the next home; it was a little far and wanted to cross a paddy field. While crossing someone fell down to the field of mud. In that dark night, Nobody knew who was fallen in the field..

Later they heard a feeble cry.... Ayyooooooooo Njanaaneeeeeeeeee Santa clause!

Dear JY,

Shepherds of Golan Heights

There was a lantern drooped in front of their shelters. It was the only decoration for their homes. But Shelters were old and top was roofed with dry palm leaves. Since they were residing for a short time at a place, wall of the huts was built of wispy logs of wood. . Behind their shelters, there was a beautiful and vast area of green pastures. There, they provided haven to their herds with bamboo sticks. It was nothing but a fence. Beside there was a small stream which was flowing towards east of the Golan and afterwards merged with an unknown river. They had been staying at the valley for last six months by the presence of this stream. Their children had given a name to the stream,'Rohi1'Stream..That year either wooden planks or thick dry leaves were not enough to protect them from nature's joke. Snow and the cold winds were awful than the last years. So they used to come together in front of fire in the nights, which was set near to the sheep's manger. There, shepherds shared their deep hurts with the Esther, the eldest shepherd woman.

"When the children cried of hunger, she called them near to her and told "One day, this will change"...

When the youths showed anger about the society for considering them as outcasts, she comforted them, "One day, this will change"...

When the young women sorrowed with the hardships, she used to tell, "One day, this will change"

Esther looked up to the blue skies and lamented herself, "When will you allow me to serve the infant prince and sing a lullaby?"

They comforted her "Hey, Mother Esther, One day, this will happen" 

On one flesh piercing winter night, Children gathered in front of the fire with Mother Esther. But the Shepherds were not reached to their hut with the herds yet. But the cries of sheep could hear near to them. After a while Young women came near to the fire with the dried bread and hot milk. Esther who wore a thick black cloth of fur shared her belief for the first time with the hamlet. She in her low shivering voice "Many Holy books prophesied about a King who will born for the salvation of the Earth. He will redeem us from evil. He will change us from outcasts to acceptable". Children asked "Mother, When....." She put a long silence....and told "We will be the first caste who will know about His birth and it is through an Angel.On that day, our shepherds will see wise men from the east; they will be looking at the skies for the direction... Shepherds who came back from the hills joined with them, their women shared the dried bread and milk with them. While eating they told her "Mamma, while coming back, we have seen Three men from the east .They were walking behind one travelling star"...Young women amazed and uttered her.. "This is that night!!"...She pushed her rod to the ground and stood...They heard a light and beautiful melody from the skies... "Gloryto God in the highest ...".One small child pointing towards the sky and told "Mamma, silver wings..." All else happened is History. Read Luke, 2:8-14  

Ennu Snehapoorvam


Lord, How far 'Bethlehem' from me?

(Is it a 'thought far', an 'act far', a 'moment far' or a 'word far').

Can they find out the KING, If they following 'ME' instead of 'STAR'

 Rohi1 means Shepherd.






Appachante Kattil

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain
I am the gentle autumn rain.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Dear JY

 Nervous, gluttony or Grief

(You might hear the story of an altar boy who blessed the priest during the Holy Mass. Name of the altar boy is not important, Let us call him, Denish,J)

   Since we were living near to a church, Most of our weekends were passed by helping the priest as a ‘half’ Altar Boys. It was really a tough task to help the priest in a Syrian Church. We didn’t know, when to close or open the ‘Madhbaha’ .Or Even we were reciting only half of the church liturgies during masses; next half was filled up by priest himself.

   On other Saturdays, Sisters from Daughters of Mary Convent were coming to visit houses .we were going with them to show the houses of church members. But some of our jealous friends had a doubt that we are going to drink Tea…I know you people don’t believe these ‘lies’.

   Some Saturdays ends with Funeral processions to church. On all funeral processions to church, we were the candle holders usually .On such a grief-stricken moments, we were walking in the front along with the Holy cross. Our faces would fall down either by the cries of near ones, or by the rhythmic music of church bells..But for One funeral procession I didn’t hold the candle....

Appachante kattil..

I felt wonder in my mind, when I thought of him. A Good Farmer and a hard worker. I never saw him taking rest in his lifetime,. He created an aura of holiness by his fatherhood. He was showing such a great enthusiasm in his life. That may be one of the good reasons to motivate to bring up his children. He kept high morals in life so that no one in that village had a bad word about him. He shared a good number of folk stories with us. I put a lot of jokes with him. ‘Like Mathaicha,Motta thalayaa’. He encouraged my all childish jokes .Most of the time I rested on his hip and slept with him in the night.

 In the early 90’s he became bed-ridden; It was a tough time for our family. Unfortunately he never recovered back to life. I still remember how hopefully he was facing the death. During those days, When one of our relatives asked him, “Appacha Do you have any advice to me”. He sang one old Christian song as a reply…“Aadhiyinkal kaipakilo Andhyamo Madhuramathre “.(Even though Beginning is Sour, But Ending is Sweet).At the age of 73 he departed peacefully to the heavenly abode. We know he is lying in the bosom of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But it was a great loss to our family. His unseen presence is still there and compelling our family to do great things. That may be the reason, When our kids are jumping (playing) on his bed, Grandmother used to advise them, Don’t play on the cot, ithu Appachante kattila. As Eric Clapton sings, I too whisper in the last October and I believe the northern wind carried it away….

Would you know my name
If I saw you in heaven?
Would it be the same
if I saw you in heaven?

Tears in Heaven

   It was my first experience of losing a beloved person. It taught me two things. Firstly ‘Presence’ of a human being is a talent. I just mean ‘How important a person in our lives is revealed or felt at the time when we lose them’ .Secondly Death is a Door; A Door to eternity. And its awareness keeps me good at the bad times. (Yesterday I was rough with them; Awareness of Death pulls me to less rough).

Ennu snehapoorvam



Do not stand at my grave and cry
I am not there, I did not die.

(Mary Frye)