Monday, November 2, 2009

Help Me;Please- A Victim's Cry

There was a time; Sundhar’s life was often began at the verandas of a nearby veterinary clinic. It was not for as what I was thinking. It was to get the attestation of his bunch of certificates for a Job. Really Doctors got fed up by signing on the certificate copies in every alternate days. So they started to pray for him to get a Job,

In General, fresh Engineers have a real passion to apply their engineering skills in their own field. Sometimes this desire may rise even in such a level to uproot some mountains. But it is common that these junior engineers were discouraged by some experienced old toothless lions! A humble man like him(Sundhar) had such a great interest in the first years of his contract Job. However He got chances to show his skills in those years. One day, Power transformer in his station was flashed over due to (?). Some stories were rumoured by some jealous guys connecting with him and flash over. Don’t believe it! So those days, power engineers like him were really busy with overhauling, testing & commissioning of the transformer.

On one evening, His senior engineer told him “Sundhar, Tomorrow we want to energise theStation. So finish all the pending works atleast by tomorrow morning”.(After two hours Sundhar also left from the yard to home). After he had reached home, he called his Sr. Lion and told “Sir, every pending work is finished,We can charge it in the morning itself”,.
“.Good, Sundhar”
“Thank you, Sir”..
.Good night...Ss sundhar ,
“(Between) You earthed the transformer?....”
“No sir”,“Then how we can charge(Commission) the station tomorrow”...
“Sir, Is earthing needed to charge the Station (?)”...
Sundhar!(A helpless sound)

In the next morning (early),even without taking his breakfast, he ran to uproot the new hill. Mother called him from the back... “Da, Go, but have something in the morning...” Amma, you don’t know how long it will take to earth a Transformer”. He stood infront of the shades of the only highrise building in his town. Street was not busy as usual. He often looked anxiously on his Titan watch and moved his neck to the right ! Bus is not coming....He cursed allBus operators in that beautiful morning.

He lifted his eyes from the watch by hearing a crash. A woman was fallen on the other side of the road, near to her; A scooter and two passengers (Seems husband and wife). He looked again at the right, Oh God, My bus is coming...In front of his face there were two
images and it left him in jeopardy; ....An unearthed Transformer and a helpless
woman. A helpless woman and an Unearthed transformer (Like in some old movies)
.He crossed the road and went near to her. Scooter passenger was scolding at
her, “
You don’t have eyes”! and Then they left from the scene in their vehicle. Sundhar looked at her, Her face was revealing her fear. She was frequently touching on her head. She was really looking slim and unhealthy...He asked her “shall we go to the Taluk hospital”... In her shivering voice she told him

No, I am working in these Tower, can you please help me to reach there..”He hold her hands and leaded to the stairs..She was so weak that she can’t even take two steps. He asked about her office... “I’m a peon in the Taluk office”...

Any one is there?”. “ One security is staying there in the night. He will go after i reach there”.. He went to the upstairs and told him the things. They took her down to the hospital...Nurses comforted her by saying.. “Nothing to worry”..Sundhar given his mobile number to him and told “If any help, please call me on this number!..

After a week, he had a new job application, He need to attest his bunch of certificates.. Veterinary doctor was busy in the clinic.. “why should I spend my time with the cows”..He
walked in hurry towards the Taluk Office...

It is not a news for me when a person is died in an accident.. It would be only a news when the death toll is rising to atleast ten in number !.