Thursday, October 4, 2007

Why i choose the odd pen name!!

My good readers,

There is a very beautiful small village name Vayala,( a land, full of paddy fileds)...which is in the southern part of kerala..Main source of income is through the early morning itself most of the people were busy for their livelihood...It is a very usual scene that crowded jeep going for the parackode market... land is very much scenic in the sense it is typical travancore village.. Religously, village could stand on their own feet..majority is Hindus.I liked that "gramam" verymuch ...bla bla...blaa..i would like to put a post more on village old stories and about her customs and peoples...please wait until then.
Only one christian family in the village were Puthen veetil family..they are acting like big achayan in the society..(For their proud they have a base also..they built first church there..)In the early 1920's Mathai kutty was born as the third child in the family... I don't know much about his childhood..i am his favourite pet...i have only a few memories about him..but it is rich..his sister called him kOCHUMATHAI ..I called him 'Appachan"his wife ,rachel called him "ningal"..he died in 1991..he is my first hero in my life..from him learned the basics of farming ..he is a small landlord having 10 acres of paddyfield..He is 5'4''..having six children..doing some small "malancharakku" business in the parakode market...he was getting some good respect from others....I am always on her shoulders....He called me "varaalukunju"..Memories overwhleming....he used to go to market in the early morning
Only one time i went with him to market.
I never forget that walking trip with him.he carried some luggage on his head.It is supported with right hand and i hold his left ...since it was the first time to market i was verymuch excited ..we moved by the side of the paddy fields ..other side is a small river("thoodu')..We reached aroud 6"0 clock..he had done his usual business..after we took one round around the Parackode market...purchased some vegetables &fish..and he told the history of the market...Around 10'0 clock he wound up his business..we wentto hotel and ordered some pathiri and egg curry...nalla kushaal...On the way back to home we get down at his sister's house( vadakkekara Ammachi)..she called her " eda Kochumathaiye onnu kayarittu poda... oru Poovane kollan undu..."First time in my life i heard his pet name..But that was the last trip with him...

I know...i don't deserve his pet name as my blog name....But he is my grand father and i am his favourite...

Beautiful Minds are watching my life n times

First Venture

Oh thou Great Chief,Light a candle in my heart,That I may see what is therein,And sweep the rubbish from thy dwelling place
A Candle in My Heart
prayerof an African school girl

I studied in a town school ,where around 3000 similar minds being taught by 60 greatminds.Me,my brother n sister were used to walk up to our school through some easy short our way there is a compound wall where we usually found the above written prayer.
(this prayers are my oxygen and water....will tell you later).

i read this prayer for the first time like this...Oh thou great thief...haha ( i heard a good background can guess from whom!!) This my first venture in the net ...Now my intensions are not clear to me too. But as the blog id refers..i just want to pen down my precious heartfelt family.....about my sweet mom...about my spirituality.....hey my genuine totality will be there...
Like that small african girl i am trying to see my world through the candle lighted by the Great spirit...Shall I express.

Kochumathai is exploring....will come back after a short break

Beautiful souls are watching my life n times