Friday, September 26, 2008

Days before Exit

I never thought of a relieving day; when I was joined!!

Dear Colleagues,
Today is very painful to me. The Day which is created for me to leave from my Company and from the Country too. I would like to share with you some small wise things which are happened for me during my Dar regime. The First day, I was struggled to mingle with the atmosphere of these country and the culture. In office I was started the life with a Tea which was prepared on some others Cup. :).I got a temporary seat and a computer behind the Sarma sir’s seat. I pushed my first two weeks by studying Standards (as if).I gave break times to my studies in order to avoid boredom .My habit of taking five Teas per day came to my life through my break times. My seniors and SH were confused with my silence whether he was studying or simply day dreaming….

First Advice:
On one Day of dreaming, Sarma sir came near to my seat and asked some questions regarding Standards and I started to answer with my broken English. My answers didn’t satisfy him. He told me “Never hesitate to ask doubts, to your senior or even to your junior staffs”.

My First Job:
Company got fed up with my ‘GTW’. So they given me OUT door lighting design of HIE.I took one week to finish the job. If you are working on some computer, always some surprises would happen. We don’t know when our system get shut down or restarted. I did my first job four times in that week due to some unexpected shut downs. But one good thing is I became thorough in Outdoor Design. I finished it in an amateur way. But I got a good support from my Seniors Mr.Iyub and Mr.Pandiaraj.

My Friends:
It is pretty bad if I’m not mentioning some names at this time…Rijesh, Justin, Param, Manju,….A good number of people. They shared their good jokes, good thoughts, time with me. I may forget the faces in the future. I may forget their Jokes in the coming days. I may forget their smile. I may forget how they look like. I may forget how their sounds heard like…
But I NEVER FORGET HOW THEIR MIND WAS…When I will hear their names, I am sure that my Mind will fill with JOY…Thanks Dear.

My Tea and Lunch Times:
First of all thanks to all my coffee mates and Lunch mates. I would like to be there for all the days. In my belief I am thinking the most productive corners of my Office. We are coming there to have a good time. My usual companions..Param, Manju, Mamdouh, Hasan, Natarajan Sir, Sarma sir, Anwer, Imran, Dhana, Ali. We talked about anything in the universe. About Politics, Economics, Countries, Sports, Office, SEX, Girls, Religion, Relations, Philosophy…What else. A lot of people enlightened me with their wisdom …
But my Lunch time was filled with aggressive talks…We talked with tongue’s of flame. But it improves my communication and confidence. Thanks Param. J

About my Company: My Gratitudes
I will always owe to Alfanar always. You know they gave me a precious opportunity to work in Power systems. Gave the first chance to work and live with an International community. I don’t know how my career would go, but I am sure Dar Engineering played an important role in my career life. Thanks for your kind concern and the single penny you paid to me….Thanks to Mr. Yogesh. It is my pleasure to tell that I was surrounded with people who are hard working, knowledgeable and Kind like Mr.Sarma, Mr. Johnson & Mr.Shahid. Special thanks to Mr.Iyub, Pandia raj and paramanand who mould me in such way that I can stand on my feet. Thanks to Altaf, Justin & Sohail who supported me at critical times..

Egyptians Brothers.
Sometimes I was amazed by their good affection with me. I am not interested to ask why, but wish me ’May I be like this forever’.Shukran Habibee. ”So aaso Habeebe habaaso”.

Who did my things well?
It is cruel if I’m not mentioning their names. Mr.Anwer, Mr.Mansoor, Mr.Muneer, Mr.Subhan. Thanks for all the efforts which makes me safe in this country. Once again Heartfelt Thanks!!

Villa, My Abode
I used to reach my villa after 5:30.There is a man who is waiting for us. Our non stop A.I.R, Ali Kurangattu, Villa Cook. I’ll miss his delicious Dishes. A lot of Good initiatives came from there, like Our Cricket, Our small get-togethers, Our Beharin & Halfmoon Trips. I’m missing a lot the Home, which covers my feelings and worries like a MOTHER.

Aamir, Hasan, Prakash, Rajesh, Ibrahim, Balaji, Sageer…Enjoy & keep in Touch..

Thanks Dear ALMIGHTY, Who is compassionate on me.

People, Second needle of the Wall clock is moving near to my departure time. Hey, I want to drop a line at the end…Yes, Please Wish me..
“May YOU get a lot of nice people like US.”

With Best Regards
Subin Mathew George

Please Note, Dear Dhana& Habeeb, continue your funs and share your experiences… J